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H-1B Visa: Abuse or Advantage?

It has been a long drawn debate over the H-1B visa and is still continuing. The whole of America is heating up with this fresh bout of debate over the H-1B visa. Many groups which are opposing the very concept of the H-1B visa are of the opinion that the visa should be cancelled with immediate effect. They are of the opinion that people from outside the country are coming with the help of H-1B visas, they are taking away the jobs that the Americans should have got.

This is just one side of the debate. The pro-H-1B groups are up in arms to ensure that the visa continues as it is and they are also trying to ensure that the administration gives some more facilities with this visa. The groups have sighted many examples, starting from Sergey Brin of Google, to Steve Chen of YouTube, from Jawed Karim to Andrew Carnegie, who are all immigrants and who have all participated in the growth and development of America. The successful immigrants list will go on and on and everyday new names are being added, such as Vikram Pandit and Indra Nooyi.

President Barack Obama is expected to chair a high level meeting and has promised the pro-H-1B visa groups that he will ensure that the immigration reforms are put in place as soon as possible. But the debate does not seem to end there.

Changes expected in the Visa regimen in the US

The White House is all set to play host to an important meeting that is expected to discuss the much awaited immigration reforms, which have been delayed due to many unforeseen setbacks. The basis of the meeting is the various reforms that President Barak Obama wants to introduce. It is expected that the introduction of these reforms will take some time but there will be not much difficulty in putting them through.

Experts are of the opinion that the President will not have to lose his sleep on these reforms. But the reforms are expected to bring about certain changes in the US immigration policy and this may block the path for many UK candidates to come and work in the US.

The bulletin released in the month of August by the US Department of State notifies that there will be some changes in the EB-2 and EB-3 categories for the employment-based permanent visas. In the present moment countries of the EU fall under the EB-1 category and many more countries are expected to be added in the EB-3 category. But the exact time frame for all these changes has not been fixed as yet.

The present global recession has also had an effect on the number of applicants wanting to travel to the US for jobs. A downfall in the number of applications has been observed all through the year.