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Save through your Checking Accounts

The high interest checking accounts offered by a lot of banking institutions can be a feasible option. This is particularly for all those investors who do not have the need to harbor a huge amount of on-demand cash. The point to be noted is that the amount you decide to keep in your checking account is not very high considering the status of your overall portfolio. The Federal Reserve has currently slashed off the interests rates, and this has resulted in modest interest rates as offered by the banks. There are a few aspects to be considered with regard to high interest checking:

  • You should consider investing your minimum balances in other investment options. If you have around $2,500 in your checking account you may not earn handsome interest on the funds. And, if you end up dropping below the minimum balance, there are fees to be met up with.

  • Your interest earnings can fall due to these fees. Prior to investing, one is required to understand every detail regarding the fees within the high interest checking account. If you find the fees higher than your current banking institution, opening a high interest checking account will not be a good option.

  • There may be other caveats along with your high interest checking accounts. One needs to check whether the interest you earn is indeed worth it.

How to make your investing safer?

It is often felt that the terms “safe” and “investment” does not go hand in hand. But this is a complete misnomer and there are ways and means by which one can make his investments a lot safer than it is now.

  • Portfolio: while investing your money, the first thing that must be given due importance is the portfolio. Try and compare the portfolios after choosing a few of them, according to your choice and requirements. Then choose the one that is the best in the lot and serves your needs in the most suitable manner.
  • Risk: while investing, go through the offer documents or the Red herring prospectus thoroughly, before making a final decision. Ensure that the instrument comes with some tax benefits as it reduces the associated risk with the investment.
  • Fund management: trust is the most important aspect in any investment. The credibility of the fund managers must be verified before you decide to invest. You need not worry if the manager has market goodwill. If there is any doubts in your mind, then better take your time and get more information.
  • Investment time period: the time for which you are planning to invest is also important, especially in the present period of financial uncertainty. It is better to stick to short and middle term investment, rather than investing in long term plans.