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Save through your Checking Accounts

The high interest checking accounts offered by a lot of banking institutions can be a feasible option. This is particularly for all those investors who do not have the need to harbor a huge amount of on-demand cash. The point to be noted is that the amount you decide to keep in your checking account is not very high considering the status of your overall portfolio. The Federal Reserve has currently slashed off the interests rates, and this has resulted in modest interest rates as offered by the banks. There are a few aspects to be considered with regard to high interest checking:

  • You should consider investing your minimum balances in other investment options. If you have around $2,500 in your checking account you may not earn handsome interest on the funds. And, if you end up dropping below the minimum balance, there are fees to be met up with.

  • Your interest earnings can fall due to these fees. Prior to investing, one is required to understand every detail regarding the fees within the high interest checking account. If you find the fees higher than your current banking institution, opening a high interest checking account will not be a good option.

  • There may be other caveats along with your high interest checking accounts. One needs to check whether the interest you earn is indeed worth it.

Think beyond the obvious – Consider Contrarian Investing

Apparently, the term ‘contrarian’ means doing something that is different from the usual perception. It is a deviation from the normal which is not really readily acceptable at all times. But, in the investment world, being contrarian often yields good results. The effectiveness of investment is solely dependent on the amount of return it can generate. A contrarian investor always acts in counter-point to the prevalent market trend. In contrast to the contrarian investor, you have the fundamental or the value investor. He goes for a purchase or sale depending on the price of the assets in relation to their intrinsic value.

In contrarian investing, the investment strategy is devised on the fact that there is likely to be a negative serial of the co-relation of the prices. It is more-or-less a predictable guess that once the prices have gone up, they are sure to come down. Here, a certain aspect of the investors’ psychology comes into play. The investors are usually found to move in a herd-like behavior. In contrarian investing, the focus lies on this particular aspect.

It believes in independent action and negates this attribute of mass pessimism or optimism. It is intellectual independence blended with agnosticism with regard to the consensus views. Further contrarian investing deals with broad strategies instead of just focusing upon specific investments. Timing of the actions is perhaps the other most important factor. You can have contrary reactions that are favorable to the same challenge.

Invista Real Estate- The Real Hub To Invest

Today investment in real estate is quite a nice proposition that can give you accessibility to a bulk amount. And when it comes to investment in real estate, Invista Real Estate stands apart in crowd as a luminary. The name is popularly known in the entire European periphery. Invista Real Estate is recognized as the leader in the UK listed real estate fund management group.

Why Invista?

The group specializes in handling both commercial and residential property. Invista is proud to have possessed an asset- amount of 5.4 billion pounds. So that makes it a strong and potential company of which there is hardly any match.

Apart from that, its network is very strong in UK, Asia-Pacific, and Continental Europe. Moreover, the professional team that works 24*7 for the clientele is well equipped. They are from various fields like fund management, property development, accounting, consultancy, investment banking etc.

Invista has got smart combination of funds.

· Invista property portfolio fund

· Invista European trust

· Invista foundation property trust

· Invista real estate international fund

· Invista real estate opportunity fund

· Invista Global property securities fund

The concern operates in all the major cities like Paris, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, Singapore etc. To the dedicated team of Invista, the security of the investors is the prime concern. That is why Invista can truly boast of being the best investment option left to the clientele world wide.