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Us Green Card Lottery- Your Passport To Dreamland

If you are too keen to make a swift immigration to America and you do not wish to let anything come in between you and your dream, then there is positively a gleaming ray of hope for you. Green Card Lottery system will open the flood gate of prosperity for you.

To settle down into the land of dreams after you make immigration to America, the most important thing you would need is a Green Card. The Green Card Lottery system would be of immense help to you in order to pursue your dream. WorkPermit.com has taken up the responsibility of fulfilling your aspiration.

To gain advantage of this Green Card Lottery system, you would be required to fill up a few things given in the format of a form.

- First, specify why you or your spouse needs to pay a visit. Then just feed in your country of birth and your spouse’s country of birth.

-Next, you need to qualify either on the ground of education you have achieved or on the ground of work experience. You need to feed in info based on your high school education or its equivalent.

-If you have a problem with your education, then it becomes mandatory for you to produce evidence of possessing at least more than two years experience in any particular domain of work.

-Finally, submit the form to WorkPermit.com with your name and email address and thus get to know whether you qualify for the lottery system or not.

This extra ordinary service has been brought to you by the world’s most popular immigration advice site, WorkPermit.com.

Family Immigration To US Looks Promising

For quite some time, the entire process of immigration to America has remained shrouded in dark mist. It seems there is going to be a positive change in the scenario. If you want immigration to America with your family, this time you may not face the trouble. A new bill which has already been proposed promises to usher in hope for immense immigration to America, especially to family based immigration. The proposed law also includes same sex life partners too.

However, the catholic church of the USA has been vocal against the inclusion of gay life partners into this proposed immigration bill. In spite of this upheaval in the religious ground, important celebrity like Mike Honda truly feels that this upcoming change is going to bring significant change in the work behavior of many of the immigrants.

He strongly feels that with this act, if employees are entitled to bring their family into the United States, it would eventually make them happier and more focused on their work. With a family ambience, it is the quality and productivity of their work which is going to multiply. So whatever it is, it is for a positive change.

May be with the passing of the bill it is the Asian American community who are definitely going to enjoy the benefits of this immigration reform, which would also boost them up morally.


The name of M.Night.Shyamalan deserves a proud place in the hall of fame of famous immigrants from Indian origin. This extremely talented entity made immigration to America to carve his niche in the world of creativity. His dreams were realized as he rose to stardom, fame and riches. Shyamalan is noted all over the world as a movie director, screen play writer, producer and actor.

The gifted man is noted for the supernatural undertones entwined in the plots of his films as well as the plays that he staged. Shyamalan started getting recognition with his first venture in film direction, produced and released with the name- ‘Praying With Anger’ in the year 1992. At that time he was still a New York University Student. It was not an immense hit flick. His second film ‘Wide Awake’ also did not receive a box office success.

His career turned to immeasurable success with ‘The Sixth Sense’, released in the year 1999. With this film he received huge monetary success. He was flooded with rave reviews from all the corner of the world. It did a very good business all over the world.

Later a bevy of well crafted supernatural thrillers came out of his mighty workshop like – Unbreakable, Signs, The Village, Lady in the Water, The Happening. In each of these films he has used the treatment of a sudden twist that resulted in their commercial success. These films earned him immense success both in terms of critical acclaim and financial gain.

Paul Anka – The Music Maestro Who Walked To The Elite Club Of Millionaires

Paul Anka is one of the most notable immigrants of Syrian origin whose immigration to America, will always be remembered in this land of opportunities. This famous immigrant bearing a Syrian/ Lebanese origin has been immensely successful in the field of Performing Arts.

Paul Albert Anka was born in the year 1941, 30th July, in Ottawa, Ontario in Canada. The famed man is revered all over the world as a singer, song writer and an actor of high order.

After making his long aspirated dream of USA immigration successful, Paul Anka witnessed the sweet taste of success. With his first single “I Confess”, at the age of 14, he became a teen idol of the 50’s and 60’s. ‘Diana’, the successful rendering out of his hit parade, is still regarded as one of the best selling hits.

Apart from ‘Diana’ a few others like ‘Lonely Boy’ or ‘Put Your Head On My Shoulder’ took him to the zenith of success. Close to the heels of his singing career he started composing music. One of the most memorable was obviously ‘She’s A Lady’, which was the greatest hit.

Other well known lyrics written by him were “My Way” for Frank Sinatra and the theme song for ‘The Tonight Show’, which starred Johnny Carson.

Paul Anka started acting in movies and wrote songs for them from the 60’s, of which the notable is the theme song for the hit movie “The Longest Day”. In 1990 this Canadian immigrant became a US Citizen.

John Downey – The Versatile Entrepreneur With A Vision

John Downey is a luminary among the successful immigrants in America. Born in Ireland, in the year 1799, the great visionary made immigration to America in 1818. In America, he settled down in Ohio. Downey started his career as an assistant in a drug store.

A meaningful twist in his career came, when he became a part of the universally celebrated gold rush. For a short stint, Downey worked as a miner. Thereafter, the next stop in his career was Los Angeles, the second largest city in the United States. This was his first step towards success.

Over here, he came into contact with J. P. McFarland. McFarland generously funded him and Downey opened his drug store. Since then he saw Himalayan flourish. Soon he purchased a large ranch.

This prudent investment maximized his revenues with the blink of an eye. Meanwhile his involvement in the Democratic Party got him elected as the governor of California in 1861. During the Civil Wars he raised troops for the Union army. When the war ended, Downey got involved in the real estate sector.

In 1871 he created Farmers and Merchants Bank. Within a short period, his concern ‘The Downey Land Association’ started constructing houses in East Los Angeles. Later on, he became one of the founder members of the Pioneer Oil Company. He took an active role behind the creation of Los Angeles Public Library.

Michael Cudahy – The Pioneer Millionaire In the Meat Packing Industry

Michael Cudahy is an immensely inspiring name in the history of Irish people who have had to made immigration to America. The name of Mr. Michael Cudahy deserves a great place of significance because he started really low but could manage to make it really big.

Michael Cudahy was born in County Kilkenny, Ireland in the year 1841. It was in 1849 when he had to immigrate to the United States along with his family.

After coming to United States, they settled in Milwaukee, situated in the confluence where Menomonee and Kinnickinnic rivers merge into Milwaukee Bay. This place was a natural preference to many Irish immigrants who escaped from the shackles of autocratic rules. Cudahy was admitted to a local school over there.

After completing his study at school, Michael managed to get a job of a meat packer in that place. After being in this job for quite some time, he decided to go for a change.

With the aim of getting self employed, Michael along with his brother John Cudahy and friend Philip Armour kicked off his own business. He started meat – packing business in Omaha, Nebraska. His profit level was estimated to reach the sky.

In 1870 he pioneered the process of summer curing under refrigeration. It was a revolution in the industry. Cudahy breathed his last in 1910.