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The Mexicans are most eager people to migrate to America

In a recent study conducted by La Opinion, one out of every three Mexicans was found to be interested in migrating to the United States of America. They said they were in constant search for an appropriate opportunity. They also candidly observed that they were prepared to fulfill their desires without caring much for the authorization and the documentation formalities. In this regard, we can take note of another study conducted by the Pew Global Attitudes Project, it was discovered that majority of its respondents were of the generalized opinion that Mexico is infested with crime, drug trafficking, corruption and an unassailable economic crises. This further strengthened their desire to venture to the US. They basically wanted to flee from the constraints of their country. It has evolved as a sort of dangerous belief that life in the US is far better in comparison to Mexico.

This reveals that majority of the population is in fact headed towards the wrong direction, given the reality, that this would render a considerable impact on the demography of the two nations. But then, as you glance through the immigration statistics of America, you can observe that there has been a marked decline in the flow of the Mexican immigrants in the recent months. This can be attributed to the sorry state of economic affairs or the financial downturn.

The man who pioneered cancer treatment – Patrick Soon-Shiong

Patrick was born in 1952 in South Africa during the time of apartheid. His parents were Chinese immigrants who were compelled to leave their land following the Second World War. At an early age of sixteen, Patrick attained his graduation from his school. At the age of twenty-three, he attained his graduation degree from the University of Witwatersrand. He completed his internship at the Johannesburg General Hospital and acquired his Master of Science Degree from the University of British Columbia. He also happens to be the first resident to collect multiple research awards from a host of premiere institutions like the American College of Surgeons, Royal College of Physicians, Surgeons of Canada and the American Association of Academic Surgery.

He then immigrated to the USA for his surgical training at the University of California, Los Angeles. He became a member of the Medical School faculty at the UCLA as an assistant professor at a young age of 31. In 1991, he left UCLA to come with VivoRx, a diabetes research firm. He founded the American Pharmaceutical Partners in 1997 and owns around 80% of the shares. His fortune is an estimated $3.5 billion. He is currently the founder, chairman and CEO of Abraxis BioScience, a bio-technology company that is working towards the development of effective cancer treatment. This nanotech drug is believed to be extremely potent with fewer side-effects.

Immigration Reform with regard to Health Insurance

The Executive Director of the National Immigration Forum, Ali Noorani informs that the current immigration politics in USA finds a lot of inter-relation with the healthcare issues. It is a non-profit and non-partisan forum located in Washington. Basically, the health insurance reforms are greatly influenced by the politics concerning immigration. There are over 12,000,000 immigrants who live, work and raise their children in America but, are lacking in adequate citizenship rights due to the flaws in the immigration system.

The public health insurance systems like Medicaid and Medicare excludes the ineligible immigrants from its reformed benefit allocation system. This calls for the need of adequate documentation that will help these immigrants to come to the mainstream of the health insurance set-up. Effective methods needs to be thought of and rearranged, so that 11 to 13 million Americans who do not hold driver’s license, passport of birth certificates do not end getting hauled up in the process.

Legal immigrants and the children born to immigrant parents are affected by the existing rules that exclude them from obtaining coverage in the health insurance system. In fact, as opined by a few bodies, ignoring the immigration status can be considered acceptable only when every legal resident and tax-payer can have easy access to insurance coverage. Although, immigration and health insurance are separate department, their inter-relation might well influence the upcoming immigration laws.

Igor Olenicoff – Russian real estate Tycoon

Igor Olenicoff immigrated to the United States of America when he was barely eighteen years old. He was accompanied by his family and they had just $800 in hand as they crossed over from Russia following the Russian Revolution of 1917. These immigrants were initially considered as “country-less and effectively illegals”. This was the fate of numerous others who were compelled to immigrate due to the situation of the land. It was basically the caste system that was responsible for this hostile attitude.

In America, Igor attended the USC and began to work as an executive in the Mowtown Records at the initial years of his career. Thus, began his journey towards becoming a millionaire. This was actually initiated when he decided to check out his luck at the real estate business. It was in the year 1973, that Igor laid the foundation stone of Olen Properties. It shaped up to this empire that has spread its branches across the entire continent as well as the world. The current amount of commercial space owned by Olen Properties is over 6.4 million square feet and it has around 11,800 residential units strewn across Los Angeles, Florida and Las Vegas. Igor observes that the key to his spectacular business growth is due to the timely and adequate credit availability that allows the immigrants to live their dreams.

Good times ahead for the millionaire immigrants in the US?

Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom had already done it. Now, America has decided to follow suit and take effective measures to attract the immigrant millionaires from across the world. This initiative has been brought about as a constructive effort that will be beneficial to both sides. The immigrants will be allowed to their long standing wish fulfilled – that is, to become an American citizen and the State will use this opportunity to effectively stimulate the drooping economy. This can be perfectly brought about through investment and the simultaneous creation of jobs.

The details of the concerned initiatives can be obtained from the US Department of Homeland Security. According to the US Immigration Act of 1990, enables the allocation of 10,000 employment-based immigrant visas to the investors who qualify the requirements and their families too. If you take a look at the statistics between 1992 and 2004, you would find that the EB-5 visas were issued on an average of just five hundred each year. There are a number of factors that are responsible for this under-utilization. The fluctuating economic environment, program instability and the other countries offering more attractive immigrant investor programs are just a few of them. So, the government is considering “special handling package options for a higher fee’ in order to attract the immigrant millionaires apart from promoting stakeholders and boosting investor confidence.

Immigration disapproval hurts the American Apparel

The Los Angeles factory of the prestigious American Apparel had to bear the brunt of laying off around 1,500 workers as they were immigrants who did not have the permit to work in America. In early 2008, the ICE had already completed an extensive inspection to determine whether the American Apparel was actually complying with the stated immigration laws of the land. In July 2009, ICE issued a notification to American Apparel stating that the agency failed to verify the employment eligibility of around two hundred of the organization’s employees. The ICE had basically conducted an extensive review of the databases of the government and discovered that over 1,600 of the American Apparel employees were actually not authorized to work in America.

This is an important development and surprising too. It is due to the fact that American Apparel had earned the reputation of advocating strongly for the immigration reforms. They run a ‘Legalize LA’ campaign that has evolved as an exquisite part of the culture of the company. The resources at the website of the American Apparel that deal with advertising and education reflects the commitment of the company towards raising the awareness with regard to immigration issues. The CEO of the company, Dov Charney could not hide his disappointment at the loss of such a huge chunk of employees. His grandparents had been immigrants to this land.

Pierre Omidyar – Founder of the eBay

Pierre Omidyar was born on the 21st of June, 1967 and is an Iranian-American entrepreneur born in France. His birth-place was Paris, France and his parents were Iranian immigrants. His father was a surgeon and his mother had earned reputation as an academic. The family immigrated to US when Omidyar was six years of age. He grew up at Washington D.C. and his interest in computers developed when he was at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School in Potomac, Maryland. He graduated in computer science from the Tufts University and soon after he began his career with Claris, a subsidiary of Apple Computers. In 1991, Pierre co-founded the Ink Development. It was a pen-based computing startup that later came to be known as e-commerce company and rechristened as eShop.

When Pierre was on a holiday weekend, he was busy developing the original computer code for what came to later known as eBay, the super-brand auction site. On the 4th of September 1995, Labor Day, eBay was officially launched. The services in the site were initially free but charges were introduced later on to meet the internet service provider expenses. In 1996, Jeffery Skoll joined the company and two years later, a public offering was launched and Pierre and Skoll both evolved as billionaires. Currently, the shares owned by Omidyar are an estimated $2.65 billion. The Omidyar Network with his wife Pam, is another of his achievements.

All immigrants are now required to go through E-Verification

From the second week of September 2009, all the immigrants working in the USA are required to follow the specifications of E-Verify. This electronic system is administered by the US Department of Homeland Security. It has been made mandatory for all federal government contractors to check the eligibility of the immigrant employee through this screening mechanism. All the newly-hired immigrant employees along with the current ones are subject to this rule and the companies that have attained a new contract, are required to enroll in E-Verify within a month of the stipulated contract award date.

The newly-hired immigrant employees are required to present their information in the Employment Eligibility Verification Form or the Form I-9. This is then keyed in to the E-Verify Website. Here, this information is run against the DHS and SSA databases. If a match is found with regard to these databases, the said immigrant is declared eligible to work in the United States. If the information keyed in is not found to be in alignment with the databases, the employee is allowed to get in touch with the federal agency in order to counter the mismatch and present the required verification data. There are ample scopes for improvement in the manner in which these databases work. The USCIS reveals that there are around 550,000 worksites to aid over 145,000 employers in this E-Verify Program.

Habits that seal in your millionaire fortune

It is often apprehended that hoarding money and success can let you enjoy the secret path to becoming a millionaire. Well, it is a popular misconception that needs to be done away with. People, as they become rich rear certain habits and attitudes that go a long way in helping them stand a step ahead from the average Joe. Money and success do not shape their thinking; rather, it is the other way around. It is the conjunction of their habits and attitudes that help them to define their wealth.

Millionaires are found to have similar traits, particularly, if they are immigrants. This has been observed through the study of history. It all begins with the idea of modeling. It is important to follow a role model that acts as a source of inspiration. There cannot be a better model than a millionaire himself.

A positive attitude regarding the current financial situation is extremely vital in order to look ahead towards further growth. It can be a tremendous driving force behind the sustenance of their money-making power. This positive attitude helps them to act differently than an average person. They face obstacles with confidence, accept risks with courage and proceed undauntedly in the face of opposition. They set high goals for themselves and work relentlessly to realize their endeavor. The expectancy of success with regard to their financial goal gets realized in the process.

The Secret behind Immigrants Getting Readily Transformed into Millionaires

It has been often found that immigrants evolve into millionaires in an apparently easy fashion. As you delve deep into the system and broaden your observation, you would notice that the secret lies in the manner in which these immigrants make good use of the available opportunities. They take decisions with a fair amount of farsightedness that stems from well-informed state of mind and awareness regarding the law of the land. It is a psychological state where the immigrant leaves his country as the opportunities and freedoms are limited.

He harbors a steadfast belief that if he makes good use of these opportunities, he would surely be able to become a millionaire. The locals of the country regard these opportunities as their birthright, and they end up under-utilizing them to their fullest potential. The immigrant on the other hand regards these opportunities as some sort of a gift from God. They work extremely hard on them and are fired with the burning passion to excel beyond limits.

A few of the aspects that can be mentioned in this regard are:

  • Superior industrial technology
  • IT related advantages and software
  • Systems that deliver
  • Import export opportunities
  • Diverse business opportunities and education
  • Exposure towards the secrets and details that promote life and success
  • Infrastructure like housing, telecommunication and other associated features
  • Superior legal system and arguably the most important – respect for human rights and freedom