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Detention of Immigrant Children worries the Consulates

A large number of immigrant children have been detained by the Federal Investigation Bureau in the recent months. The respective consulates are getting increasingly worried and confused over the status of these children. To complicate the matters further, the human right activists have stepped in claiming that these children are kept in detention for several months before they get an opportunity to reunite with their families. A number of other inter-related aspects that have come to the fore include labor and sex trafficking of these helpless children.

According to the William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act, H.R. 7311, every case concerning a detained minor who is unaccompanied must be adequately investigated prior to the repatriation of the child. Factors like why they had entered the country and the immigrant status of their parents call for strict screening. But, there is a fear that the implementation of such measures might end up harming the kids rather than offering them any solace. Under this system, the minor is required to stay at the Division of Unaccompanied Children’s Services after being handed over to the Health and Human Services Office. This is a process that would take months instead of hours, as used to be the usual practice. If you look into the data obtained from the Department of Homeland Security, around 10% of the immigrants happen to be minors.

The New W Visas might help the nursing industry of US

America is facing shortage of nurses as there are around 116,000 vacancies for registered nurses that remain unfulfilled. About six months back, in February 2009, a new Nurse Relief Act was placed in the house in the form of HR 1001. It spoke about the introduction of the non-immigrant W Visa for those nurses who had an annual cap of 50,000. There are certain schedules with regard to labor certification. Nurses who fall under the third preference employment base are basically preferred during the immigration process. The physiotherapists and nurses under the Schedule A do not need labor certification.

According to the H-3 non-immigrant Visa, one can temporarily stay in the US for traineeship. If the industry desires to employ an immigrant for a senior level nurse, it may not be now easy to obtain an H-1B visa. For specific cases, nurses can immigrate to USA following the exchange visitor scheme, better known as J-1.

All these actions are taking place keeping in mind the extreme shortage of nurses in the American healthcare industry. Immigrants, who desire to work in US hail from countries having an oversupply of nurses, like India, Philippines and China. It would be interesting to note that under the prevalent immigration system, the major hospitals in America are spending hundreds and millions of dollars each year for the recruitment of foreign nurses.

Be a millionaire, but don’t forego Education

During the 1960s, Dr. Elwin Bautista emigrated from the Philippines to America accompanied by his wife Julia and settled down at Midwest. They basically belonged to the group of international medical graduates, who were being recruited by the medical centers in America. Dr. Bautista decided to pledge his service to the hospital, where he received his training. Elwin made good use of this opportunity to practice advanced medicine and eventually and honed his skills in surgical specialty. He went on to develop life-saving techniques that were acknowledged by the surgeons across the world. With the gradual rise in fortunes, the Bautista couple emerged as the rising millionaires.

They had always believed that regardless of being an immigrant or a millionaire, the core value that ought to be regarded dear, is education. There can be no substitute to successful education as this alone makes a complete individual, who is equipped to take all decisions with the best of intentions. This idea gets reflected in the professional status of their five children who went on attain advanced degrees in law, occupational therapy, psychology and divinity.

The journey to become a millionaire occurred when Dr, Bautista’s surgical practice caught on and he became a business partner in a successful clinic. On the other hand, Julia concentrated on enhancing their assets through conservative investments like the retirement plans sponsored by her husband’s clinic and mutual funds.

The wealthiest land owner in New York: John Jacob Aston

John Jacob Astor is America’s first millionaire. He was a German immigrant who arrived at Manhattan with just five English pounds with himself, at the age of sixteen. But, that did not deter him from evolving himself as the most reputed and well-known millionaire in the American society. He inculcated his business strategies so as to successfully amass the vast swaths of Manhattan and eventually, his dream of becoming a successful millionaire was fulfilled. He became the largest and the wealthiest landowner in New York. Astor was born in Baden, Germany in 1763 and apart from being a millionaire businessman; he was a real estate builder, inventor and writer as well. His father was a butcher by profession and he was the third son.

He started off with a fur trading firm and focused on building his network across the whole of America. In 1811, he laid the foundation of Astoria, which happens to be the first American settlement in the West Coast. He crossed the Pacific and traded with China, his products included opium and then he gradually switched over to a more lucrative option – liquor. He exchanged liquor for fur with the Indians. He even made a $10million donation for covering the expenses of the World War I, although he was completely against the war. His fortune multiplied when he was presented a bundle from the war bonds.

The Pinnacle Technical Resources was born with the entrepreneurship of Nina Vaca

Nina Vaca arrived at Los Angeles at the age of two as an immigrant from Quito, Equador. The goal of her family was to build up a business where all their children will not find it difficult to participate. Vaca observes today that her father had once stated, ‘the key to American dream is through entrepreneurship’. But perhaps Mr. Hernan Alfredo Vaca did not imagine that his daughter would evolve as a fantastic entrepreneur just at the age of thirty-five. Nina Vaca’s Pinnacle Technical Resources is an information technology business that had a reported turnover of $60 million in 2006.

After arriving at America, Alfredo started a travel agency and planned to have five chains of the same for his five kids. The children were required to take a bus downtown in order to witness the progress and working of the family business. After Nina’s graduation, Alfredo got killed in a robbery and decided to put the company for sale while she did her major in business from the Texas State University.

She discovered her ‘talent for attracting clients’ while she was working with a technology company in New York and Dallas. At 25, she opened Pinnacle and began recruiting IT talent for companies that required aid to administer their computer systems. She had found out a way on how to become a millionaire.

Jeong Kim – A millionaire from a dedicated nuclear submarine

Jeong Kim had sold his telecommunications company in 1998, when he was just 37 for a whopping amount of $1.1 billion. His story of becoming a millionaire is a classic rags to riches one. Being an immigrant from South Korea, he was almost alien to the English language when he first arrived at the United States at the age of 14. He sustained himself with the help of several jobs which included a night shift at the 7-Eleven stores when he stayed at the basement of his math teacher. He was 16 at that time.

Then, with the help of some financial aid, he attended the Johns Hopkins University to acquire his engineering degree. After completing his graduation, Kim decided to join the Navy as he felt that he had some ‘obligation towards the society’. For seven years, he served at a nuclear submarine and inculcated the attributes of leadership, teamwork and integrity.

As Kim says today, he had inculcated his business philosophy from this part of his life – to say less and do more. In 1992, Kim started off as a consultant and acquired $75,000 that formed his capital when he performed a nuclear safety assessment. Then, he made a formal introduction of his technology and started to sell his switches to AT&R, Verizon amongst others. His company is called Yurie Systems. He also got involved in the optical networking business.

An author, columnist, politician – Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington is a co-founder of the Huffington Post and a syndicated columnist. Born in 15th July, 1950, in Athens, Greece, Huffington has acquired the twelfth position as the Most Influential Women in Media in the Forbes list of 2009. Her father Konstantinos was a journalist and a management consultant and her mother Elli was the sister of Agapi – a speaker, performer and an author. At the age of sixteen, Arianna arrived in England to acquire her college degree from the Girton College at Cambridge University. She lived in with Bernard Levin, a journalist and broadcaster in London. In 1980, she came over as an immigrant to the United States and got involved in the religious group of John-Roger and began to be known as a left-wing democrat.

In 1985, she came across Michael Huffington, an oil millionaire, and went on to marry him a year later. Michael won a seat in 1992 as a Republican candidate and in 1997, Arianna got divorced. Her journey towards becoming a millionaire was primarily through marriage and later followed through her writing assignments. In 1981, Arianna wrote the biography of Maria Callas and in 1996, of Picasso. Arianna along with her writing team of ‘Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher’ was appointed for the Emmy for ‘Outstanding writing for a variety’. She briefly enjoyed an acting stint also. In 2003, she was the head of The Detroit Project and she also has been an independent candidate against Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Levis Strauss – An Amazing Immigrant Wonder

Levis Strauss was born to German-Jewish parents on the 26th of February, 1829. His birth place was Buttenheim, Bavaria. After the death of his father in 1845, his two elder brothers traveled over to New York City to join the Jewish community. Levi came over accompanied by his two sisters and mother and began to work in the dry goods business run by his brother. In 1853, Levis became an American citizen and shifted base to San Francisco in an attempt to become a part of the California God Rush. This was his first step towards becoming a millionaire. The miners out here required a robust pair of trousers to survive the mining conditions and this is how Levis came out with the denim fabric. By 1870, Levi emerged as a millionaire with Levi Strauss & Co.

An European immigrant tailor and a customer of Levi, Jacob Davis, approached Levi and wished for a patent in 1873. Davis had been involved in the strengthening the pocket corners of Levi’s denim fabric. Davis offered to share the patent with Levis if he placed the money for the patent application. In the same year, Strauss and Davis attained the patent after a deal was struck between them. In 1890, the lot number 501 began to be used to identify the legendary 501 blue jeans. Strauss passed away in 1902 and the charities and scholarships propounded by this illustrious man still live on.

A success scripted in harmony

Chris Lighty owns three institutions to his name – an artist management group, record company, marketing group, all at just 39 years of age. Chris has always been interested in music and at the beginning of his career, he used to crates of records for DJ Red Alert! He set up his own group ‘Violator’ in 1990, and with the aid of some innovation marketing strategies, he was successful in connecting musicians with brands and this includes rapper 50 Cent’s ground-breaking deal with Vitamin Water. Since then, Violator housed artists like Diddy, LL Cool J and Macy Gray.

The management skills of Lighty were brought into practice from an early age when he had deal with his siblings in the Bronx Projects. Here, he cultivated a taste for hip-hop and rap of the magical 80s. As he states, “Our culture isn’t just about living in the projects; there’s so much more”. Apart from creative management and branding projects with Violator, Chris is also involved in the strategic marketing ventures with his management company, Brand Asset Group. It is joint venture with the Warner Music Group. Lighty is determined to create an overall business of entertainment. He also owns a film company in collaboration with 50 Cent and plans to devise a hip-hop reality show. Chris Lighty with his enviable millionaire profile brings to the fore one fundamental aspect, that in order to be a millionaire, one needs creative thinking apart from perseverance.

Leticia Walpole rose to success against all odds

Without 32 hours of food and just one phone call in her stock, Leticia Walpole had an eye for an enterprising opportunity. At 21, she began her journey from Mexico City to start off as a housekeeper. After two decades she arrived at Indianapolis as a successful immigrant. Since then, she has been serving as a Hispanic recruiter for the Indiana National Guard. She had launched her own business at a very humble scale but, she took care to use the opportunity to provide motivational presentations in order to effectively inspire and offer hope to students belonging to every age.

Walpole dreamt of entering the Mexican military but women were not allowed to become a part of it. Her father too was extremely non-supportive of her education. But, through her diligence Walpole managed to attain a mechanical engineering degree. After her housekeeping stint, she joined the Mattel Inc. plant at Tijuana. Her contribution to improve the production of the toy-making plant impressed the company president and he sponsored her journey as a successful immigrant to the United States. She took the test to enter the California National Guard. She worked with Chevron and attained a bachelor’s degree in science, Spanish and liberal arts from the Seattle University. Due to her immigrant status, Walpole was able to entirely understand the problems of the Hispanic community and devoted her heart for the cause of the Hispanic children and at 40, today, she relentlessly works for the furthering of their education.