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Bruce Willis – The Sphinx Actor Of Hollywood

Bruce Willis or Walter Bruce Willis, the sphinx-like Hollywood Actor was actually an immigrant to America. Though born in West –Germany, Bruce is well known the world over as an actor and producer of high caliber who has created history of record breaking success with each and every film.

The career of Bruce Willis is a sprawling one. His enigmatic career initiated with the television industry. Fortune smiled on Bruce as he auditioned for the role of David Addition Jr. in the television series ‘Moonlighting’. This highly successful series earned him a reputation of a comedy actor, as well as financial success. But this was only the stepping stone for him into Hollywood.

He used the height of the show’s success and gained an ad campaign with Seagram for one of their beverage products. He earned $5-$7 million from this ad. His big break came with –‘Blind Date’. After this followed a series of success- ‘Sunset’, ‘Die Hard’ series, where Bruce performed death defying stunts. The first film of the series earned $138, 708, 852 all over the world.

The hit parade includes- The Jackal, Mercury Rising, Color of Night, Twelve Monkeys, and Armageddon.

The successful immigrant to America has acquired a huge property in Los Angeles, and has instituted his own production company called –Cheyenne Enterprise. He is the proud co founder of –Planet Hollywood.

Bruce lee – The Million Dollar Man With A Never Ending Enigma

The magic of the enigmatic Bruce Lee still drives millions of hearts crazy. This immigrant to America started his journey from scraps, and ended up touching the zenith.

The great entity had a sprawling career that earned him a place amongst the wealthiest and most successful Americans of the time. Bruce Lee is known all over the world as a movie star, film maker, philosopher, writer, martial artist of great repute, as well as a screen writer. He was celebrated as the maker of a whole new combat style by conceptualizing the – Jeet Kune Do.

The style he invented earned him immense popularity the world over. Bruce had even started teaching his philosophy and his martial techniques to the Americans. This was a great opportunity to him in terms of monetary gains. His classes had become immensely popular. Many celebrities joined his classes to embrace the oriental magic in their life.

The most influential martial artist had acted and produced a number of films based on martial arts. This was a prudent act of Bruce. The martial arts in films were a new concept. His films richly fused with scintillating and death defying moves were something the audience had never witnessed before.

All the films that he had done in his short span were a massive success. After the release, his films earned him money beyond measure. His most notable ones are – The Big Boss, Game of Death, Enter The Dragon, Way Of The dragon etc. He had also featured in a tele- series called ‘The Green Hornet’.

Mary Pickford – The Million Dollar Immigrant In Hollywood

Mary Pickford, one of the most loved faces of Hollywood who could create a stir in million hearts with a smile, was an immigrant to America. She was born in Canada in 1882. Mary was already a comprehensible success before she could reach Hollywood. The pioneering Canadian star in Hollywood was well- known as ‘America’s sweetheart’ or ‘Little Mary.’

After she had joined she had seen enviable success in her career. This Canada born dazzling star was one of the forces who were actually behind shaping up the industry to its present stature. She had starred in around 52 films. Mary was reportedly able to create history as she signed a contract with Zukor with a whopping amount of $10, 000. 00 per week.

In 1920, her film ‘Pollyanna’ became a big hit that earned $1,100,000.00. The next film ‘Rosita’ was also a significant pat of the hit parade and it bagged an amount of $1,000,000.00. Mary’s success continued through the films ‘My Best Girl’, ‘Coquette’, ‘Little Lord Fauntleroy’, ‘Sparrows’, ‘The Taming of the Shrew’ etc. She announced her retirement in 1933, and later on concentrated on producing films at a row.

The sweetheart of Hollywood was equally successful in her production career too. She was the co- founder of the film studio- United Artists. She also has the pride to be one of the 36 founders of the prestigious ‘Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences.’ The entire film industry would remain grateful to this notable immigrant to America.

Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin- The Stalwart Of American Comedy

Charles Spencer Chaplin was born on 16th April 1889 in Walworth, London. The great immigrant to America is known as the pioneering artist in the genre of comedy with his celebrated style incorporating extreme physical comedy and exaggerated comic gestures. It is truly incredible how this treasure house of comedy rose to stardom in Hollywood as well as ensured his place amongst the wealthiest of the era.

Popularly known as Charlie Chaplin, it was not a smooth sailing for him to scale the zenith of success. He had to confront a series of tempest in his career as an actor, film maker of the silent era. Charlie got his first break in the film ‘Making A Living’ with the help of Mr. Mack. Sennett and Mabel Normand.

Chaplin invented his celebrated tramp character which got immensely popular in the entire US, while working with Sennett’s Keystone Studios. This was the phase when he learnt the nuances of the art of film making. With his funny gestures and hilarious sequences in the films, he became one of the highest paid, successful actors of the time within a very short time. His innovated character ‘The Tramp’ earned him immeasurable success. Joining Essanay Studios brought a significant change in his life. It brought a new level of excellence in his acting style as well as proved financially beneficial.

Later on in 1916, he signed a 12 film contract with ‘Mutual Film Corporation’ which earned him $670,000. In 1918, Chaplin gained complete command over all his productions, and many of his earlier films were modified. This innovative marketing strategy proved to be fruitful and gained him enough monetary advantage. This gifted immigrant to America breathed his last in 1977.

John Jacob Astor- The First Ever German Multi Millionaire in America

John Jacob Astor is reckoned as the first ever multi millionaire in the entire United States. He was born on 17th July, 1763. The great visionary is claimed to be the most significant member of the Astor family. The doyen was acclaimed to have created a stir in the business community with his most prudent moves that earned him profit beyond imagination.

John Jacob Astor thought of trying his luck in different profit making ventures. Instinctively he started dealing in fur trading, opium and real estate which was supposed to be a gold mine of profit. His idea did not go in vain, as the business deals that he made, opened the thoroughfare of fortune to him.

This German entrepreneur made immigration to America close to the heels of American Revolutionary wars. The German Immigrant settled in America and started working on building up his fur trading empire.  He chose New York as the ideal place for setting up his real estate business. Within a very short span of time he kissed fortune in this new venture as well.

When John died he was adjudged the wealthiest person in entire America. At that point of time, his estimated wealth had crossed $20 million. His immortal fame teaches us, when you truly have a flame in your heart, there is no one stopping you from achieving your goal. No matter which part of the world you are from, where ever you go, you will dominate your fortune, your destiny.

Ramit Sethi- The Author With Million Dollar Ideas

Ramit Sethi is a multi talented, versatile immigrant to America with Indian origin who made it really big in America. This gifted immigrant to America is no less than a living legend in terms of making his strong presence felt not only in America, but in the entire international arena as the writer of books, articles, blogs and news of extreme financial gains. These writings brought him the niche that he deserved, apart from gaining him a huge financial success.

Ramit Sethi’s name is best recognized with his latest book on personal financial gain, published in the year 2009. The book- I Will Teach You To Be Rich has brought out incredible thoughts of the author to his reader, that has been accredited as the bestseller by the New York Times. The spirited Youth is also the co founder of PBWiki, a high revenue earning commercial website on Wiki, which has the credit to show proper ways of growth in material terms to a thousand of visitors to the site.

Ramit Sethi has scaled a path of incredible success, within a very limited period of time, which deserves great applause. He was not born with a golden spoon. After his graduation through Stanford University, it was out of sheer intelligence, hard labor and subtle understanding of the trends in the finance market that he harnessed the glory of sky kissing success.

Vijay Amritraj – A Unique Combination of Talent and Virtue

The story of the magnificent uprising of Vijay Amritraj is comparable to a sweet fairy tale. Born in Chennai, India, Vijay along with his brothers Ashoke Amritraj and Anand Amritraj were among the first bevy of fresh talents who played top- notch international tennis.

Vijay has played in Wimbledon, Australian Open, French Open and all other major international events. A staple move in his career was surely the Davis Cup in which he was the captain. He reached till the quarter final stage in two grand slams. This famous immigrant to America bagged a whopping amount of $1,331, 913 just as career prize money. Vijay has earned a substantial amount as a sports commentator as well.

Vijay’s multifaceted talent was showcased in acting too. His prowess was reflected in Hollywood films like ‘Octopussy’, ‘Star Trek 4 etc. He has remained a popular face in many TV shows of the era.

His story does not end here. Vijay has remained judge in the Miss Universe pageant, and owns a very successful multi media business. Amongst all other successful millionaires in America, Vijay is  unique. He is wealthy not only in money, but also in feelings. Vijay Amritraj has extended his hand to the destitute and defenseless around the world through ‘The Vijay Amritraj Foundation.’

Vijay’s profile of indomitable desire to succeed under any kind of circumstances kindles the fire of inspiration to move on, and achieve the target at any cost.