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Detention of Immigrant Children worries the Consulates

A large number of immigrant children have been detained by the Federal Investigation Bureau in the recent months. The respective consulates are getting increasingly worried and confused over the status of these children. To complicate the matters further, the human right activists have stepped in claiming that these children are kept in detention for several months before they get an opportunity to reunite with their families. A number of other inter-related aspects that have come to the fore include labor and sex trafficking of these helpless children.

According to the William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act, H.R. 7311, every case concerning a detained minor who is unaccompanied must be adequately investigated prior to the repatriation of the child. Factors like why they had entered the country and the immigrant status of their parents call for strict screening. But, there is a fear that the implementation of such measures might end up harming the kids rather than offering them any solace. Under this system, the minor is required to stay at the Division of Unaccompanied Children’s Services after being handed over to the Health and Human Services Office. This is a process that would take months instead of hours, as used to be the usual practice. If you look into the data obtained from the Department of Homeland Security, around 10% of the immigrants happen to be minors.

Leticia Walpole rose to success against all odds

Without 32 hours of food and just one phone call in her stock, Leticia Walpole had an eye for an enterprising opportunity. At 21, she began her journey from Mexico City to start off as a housekeeper. After two decades she arrived at Indianapolis as a successful immigrant. Since then, she has been serving as a Hispanic recruiter for the Indiana National Guard. She had launched her own business at a very humble scale but, she took care to use the opportunity to provide motivational presentations in order to effectively inspire and offer hope to students belonging to every age.

Walpole dreamt of entering the Mexican military but women were not allowed to become a part of it. Her father too was extremely non-supportive of her education. But, through her diligence Walpole managed to attain a mechanical engineering degree. After her housekeeping stint, she joined the Mattel Inc. plant at Tijuana. Her contribution to improve the production of the toy-making plant impressed the company president and he sponsored her journey as a successful immigrant to the United States. She took the test to enter the California National Guard. She worked with Chevron and attained a bachelor’s degree in science, Spanish and liberal arts from the Seattle University. Due to her immigrant status, Walpole was able to entirely understand the problems of the Hispanic community and devoted her heart for the cause of the Hispanic children and at 40, today, she relentlessly works for the furthering of their education.