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Good times ahead for the millionaire immigrants in the US?

Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom had already done it. Now, America has decided to follow suit and take effective measures to attract the immigrant millionaires from across the world. This initiative has been brought about as a constructive effort that will be beneficial to both sides. The immigrants will be allowed to their long standing wish fulfilled – that is, to become an American citizen and the State will use this opportunity to effectively stimulate the drooping economy. This can be perfectly brought about through investment and the simultaneous creation of jobs.

The details of the concerned initiatives can be obtained from the US Department of Homeland Security. According to the US Immigration Act of 1990, enables the allocation of 10,000 employment-based immigrant visas to the investors who qualify the requirements and their families too. If you take a look at the statistics between 1992 and 2004, you would find that the EB-5 visas were issued on an average of just five hundred each year. There are a number of factors that are responsible for this under-utilization. The fluctuating economic environment, program instability and the other countries offering more attractive immigrant investor programs are just a few of them. So, the government is considering “special handling package options for a higher fee’ in order to attract the immigrant millionaires apart from promoting stakeholders and boosting investor confidence.

Roisin Isaac – A Saga of Astonishing Upliftment

When we are sharing our views about the most successful immigrant millionaires in America, the discussion would remain pitiably incomplete without a proper focus on the nurse turned entrepreneur, Roisin Isaac. The amazing personality scaled the stairs of success like the make belief world of a fairy tale.

She holds the highest rank in the Spa Business Association. After successfully passing out of the prestigious Henley Management College, Roisin took up the profession of nursing for some time. Later on the momentous and optimal rise in her career led her to the post of the Director of Health Connections. She also holds shares in the organization, and is an inseparable name associated with health, wellness and fitness.

To her credit, Roisin Isaac owns an accumulated wealth around $15 million. Of late she has been much in news for her remark on redistributing her immense wealth. She had chosen 3 charity organizations where she would bestow a gross total of $40, 000.

Recently she has been featured on the very popular show ‘The Secret Millionaire’ as a wonder who earned a high status as well as million bucks for herself. Though her charitable acts have caused some kind of mixed reaction, still her entire career is a lesson to us on how much we could actually achieve if we really strive pensively for our goals.

T.Boone Pickens – The Inscrutable Billionaire in the Energy Sector

The name of Mr. T.Boone Pickens claims a standing ovation from all and sundry. In the category of the millionaires in America, he occupies a deserving place, as the legendary figure in the Texas Oil And Gas Company. He is from a family where his father was engaged in leasing rights as an oil and mineral land man and his mother was running a price administration. Since childhood he aspired to achieve success beyond limits.

This immigrant millionaire was born in May 22, 1928 at the place called Holdenville. T. Boone. Pickens had a few crucifying ups and downs in his life still because of his undaunted spirit of a warrior he made it to the top.

He has never got down in front of challenges. Out of his sheer will to taste success he is to day one of the leading entrepreneurs in America.

He is a businessman, an inventor and a man of vision. This great financier is behind the huge fund of BP Capital Management. Out of perseverance and steadfastness of his indomitable persona he has scaled the extreme heights of success in a very limited period of time and now the visionary boasts of being the owner of the largest independent oil company in the United States. He deserves to be an idol for the youth so that his inspiring life can enlighten lives.