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David Beckham

David Beckham is the living legend who needs no introduction. The most famous international soccer player had migrated to America, after getting an offer from the major American soccer league club that is Los Angeles Galaxy.

Since 2007 Beckham has been showing his soccer skills in favor of Los Angeles Galaxy. The world famous immigrant to American soccer world has seen the gigantic growth in his career soon after he started playing for Manchester United in his home land. He scaled the stairs like no on else did.

Kicking off his career in Brims down Rovers, the world famous mid fielder has been a successful part of teams like Real Madrid, Milan, Preston North End, England National Team, Manchester united and finally in Los Angeles Galaxy. No wonder has been playing in millions.

David Beckham’s contract with the Los Angeles Galaxy was a historic and effectual move in his entire soccer career. With this contract he bagged the highest player salary in the entire Major League Soccer history. Although his stint with Los Angeles had not been as fruitful as it was expected by the soccer maniacs of America, it did not cast any effect on the monetary part that he was supposed to receive.

The immigrant millionaire footballer is now settled at Beverly Hills, California along with his wife Victoria Beckham (Spice Girl fame) and three sons.

Kurtis Mantronik- The Hip Hop King and Singer Turned Producer

Kurtis Mantrolik stands apart as a bright luminary in the history of immigrants. This famous immigrant is a living example of music madness. The career of this artiste, performer, and producer of remix and fusion music is really very amazing. His career in music production earned him fame as well as a coveted place amongst the revered sect of millionaires in the country.

Kurtis Mantronik is a popular name associated with the world of the rocking hip hop music. The origin of this great artiste lies in Jamaica. He was born in September 4, 1965. This famous immigrant settled in the New York City with his family in the year 1980.

While working as a DJ in Manhattan, he met MC Tee who changed the course of his life. The duo became lethal combo. ‘Fresh is the world’ is the debut album. When it comes to electro funk, dance, hip hop, he is a king. During his European tour, the immigrant has literally rocked the music lovers of the west, driving them to the edge of madness.

As of now Mantronik has produced a highly successful ‘remix house’, and has worked with a bevy of American celebs. Some important names are Liberty X, Mim, Michael Gray, Victoria Beckman, Kylie Minogue etc. The biggest passion of his life has opened the flood gates of huge revenue for him. He is now considered a name worth mention amongst those artistes, who have seen the seventh sky of success.

Vijay Amritraj – A Unique Combination of Talent and Virtue

The story of the magnificent uprising of Vijay Amritraj is comparable to a sweet fairy tale. Born in Chennai, India, Vijay along with his brothers Ashoke Amritraj and Anand Amritraj were among the first bevy of fresh talents who played top- notch international tennis.

Vijay has played in Wimbledon, Australian Open, French Open and all other major international events. A staple move in his career was surely the Davis Cup in which he was the captain. He reached till the quarter final stage in two grand slams. This famous immigrant to America bagged a whopping amount of $1,331, 913 just as career prize money. Vijay has earned a substantial amount as a sports commentator as well.

Vijay’s multifaceted talent was showcased in acting too. His prowess was reflected in Hollywood films like ‘Octopussy’, ‘Star Trek 4 etc. He has remained a popular face in many TV shows of the era.

His story does not end here. Vijay has remained judge in the Miss Universe pageant, and owns a very successful multi media business. Amongst all other successful millionaires in America, Vijay is  unique. He is wealthy not only in money, but also in feelings. Vijay Amritraj has extended his hand to the destitute and defenseless around the world through ‘The Vijay Amritraj Foundation.’

Vijay’s profile of indomitable desire to succeed under any kind of circumstances kindles the fire of inspiration to move on, and achieve the target at any cost.

Paul Anka – The Music Maestro Who Walked To The Elite Club Of Millionaires

Paul Anka is one of the most notable immigrants of Syrian origin whose immigration to America, will always be remembered in this land of opportunities. This famous immigrant bearing a Syrian/ Lebanese origin has been immensely successful in the field of Performing Arts.

Paul Albert Anka was born in the year 1941, 30th July, in Ottawa, Ontario in Canada. The famed man is revered all over the world as a singer, song writer and an actor of high order.

After making his long aspirated dream of USA immigration successful, Paul Anka witnessed the sweet taste of success. With his first single “I Confess”, at the age of 14, he became a teen idol of the 50’s and 60’s. ‘Diana’, the successful rendering out of his hit parade, is still regarded as one of the best selling hits.

Apart from ‘Diana’ a few others like ‘Lonely Boy’ or ‘Put Your Head On My Shoulder’ took him to the zenith of success. Close to the heels of his singing career he started composing music. One of the most memorable was obviously ‘She’s A Lady’, which was the greatest hit.

Other well known lyrics written by him were “My Way” for Frank Sinatra and the theme song for ‘The Tonight Show’, which starred Johnny Carson.

Paul Anka started acting in movies and wrote songs for them from the 60’s, of which the notable is the theme song for the hit movie “The Longest Day”. In 1990 this Canadian immigrant became a US Citizen.