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Save Water for a Better Today and Tomorrow

The day is not far off when every part of the planet would experience scarcity of safe drinking water. A number of countries in the world are found to impose restrictions on the water supply and are observed to issue hose-pipes and sprinkler bans in order to combat this rapidly escalating shortage. We need to save water, use it wisely and preserve it for our future and save the planet.

Here are a few tips for saving water:

  • A huge amount of water goes wasted due to leaky taps. Imagine, a tap losing one drop of water per second, amounts to 15 liters a day!

  • A bath can be relaxant but it uses up to 100 liters of water. An average shower will help you to conserve two-thirds of it.

  • Small changes in practice can save water in the kitchen. Wash vegetables in a bowl instead of running water.

  • Go for water-efficient appliances. A hippo or a save-a-flush can help you save 2000 gallons of water every year! The washing machines and dishwashers should be replaced with energy-efficient ones. They save energy as well as use lesser water. Wash only full load in a washing machine.

  • Get your water-pipes and external taps lagged before the winter months. This will make them resistant to freezing and bursting; thereby, saving huge amounts of water from being wasted.

Go green to save more

As you go green, you can do your part to save the environment. In this process you just don’t do well for the planet but, effectively save your money too.

  • Use CFLs. Although, they are expensive, they last long and use less energy helping you to attain bigger savings over a longer period of time.
  • Opt for energy-efficient appliances. Be it heater, washer or dryer, they can really reduce your power bills. Reduce the usage of hot water and run for the clothes-line when you want to dry your clothes.
  • Buy used stuff. Hunt garage shops, thrift sales and eBay. You help the product to last longer and reduce the pressure on environment. You also save big-time.
  • Avoid the coffee shop and make your own coffee. Small efforts can save you precious cents and add up big with time. Bulk buying is also a good saving method.
  • Eat in instead of eating out. Expensive sit-down restaurants can be substituted by eating at home. Avoiding fast food joints can help you save more. Go for car-pools, bikes or take a walk. The lesser you drive, the more you save. You can commute to do your bit in helping global-warming. Go for a fuel efficient care if you need to drive.
  • Finally, waste less, insulate your heating and cooling systems and run the motor-less push mowers.