Why Should You Invest In Stock?

The simplest reason as to why you should invest in stock market is for Profit. In order to create lofty, lucrative assets and great trail of revenues to you, this field is unique.

To have a close look at the myriads of benefits that the stock investment has in store for you, I would like to bare a few facts for the beginners, willing to step into this bandwagon. It is always helpful to study facts that yield money.

Once you decide about making an investment, your first concern obviously lies in the return of your investment. Stock investment can give you huge returns like no other field can. In a vague guess you can expect at least a bit more than 10%. You may not have it in real estate investment also. Investing in other bonds, you may expect around 5-7% return.
You can also enjoy tax benefits, and can sell your share when you feel like selling it. For this you would be taxed at long- term capital gain rate of 15% in place of the heavy standard rate, which could get as high as 35%. Stock investments also allow you to diversify, enabling you to opt for buying whole indexes.

Though stock investments are subject to market risk, long term investment would surely make you a gainer.
Chances are that a stock, whose value has turned to zero, can turn back to a lofty position. This robust change is absent in other investments.



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