Things People Pay for But Shouldn’t

Everything in life costs money, that’s a given. In our world, however, there are crafty entrepreneurs who have managed to convince people to pay for items and services that are unnecessary. One could argue that a businessman shrewd enough to convince someone to ‘buy the cow when he already gets the milk for free’ deserves every penny he ever made from the idea. Others may say that such activity is dishonest at best and criminal at worst. Regardless, the only one you can blame if you’re paying for an unnecessary service is yourself. Here’s some things to watch out for and, if you’re paying for them currently, stop getting ripped off.

AOL for Broadband

Why would anyone buy this? Besides being infamous for being one of the hardest things in the world to cancel, AOL has made a fortune and become the number one online service by effectively “dumbing down” the internet. People don’t realize that they do not need to use AOL’s inferior interface and browser when using them to connect to the web. AOL, of course, makes no effort to educate their customers otherwise. Now, with AOL for Broadband, they’ve taken it a step further. AOL customers decide to use a cable or DSL high speed connection and pay anywhere from $25 to $35 dollars a month or more to do so. Uncomfortable using simply Internet Explorer or Netscape as their browser, they miss AOL’s interface with its big, friendly buttons and ridiculous email client, so they opt to pay AOL an additional twenty bucks or so to be able to use that interface and have access to AOL-only content (as if you couldn’t find a quilting chat room anywhere else on the web.) Effectively they’re paying for their connection and paying AOL for… nothing. There ought to be a law against this.

This service is just one example in a multitude of costs that people pay unnecessarily. Considering the income that AOL makes from their “fro Broadband” service alone, the price Americans pay for no reason is staggering. Watch for future articles on this subject because you never know if you may be paying for something that you don’t need or don’t need to pay for. You’ll be surprised what else is out there and someone needs to point it out. When the Emperor is in his skivvies, it’s our duty to make everyone aware and tell that man to get some clothes on.



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