The Power of Your Power Bill

The hot summer months are upon us. The kids are getting out of school, the ice cream trucks are making their rounds, the beaches are filling up on the weekends, and consumers everywhere are preparing to bite the bullet and face shockingly high electricity bills. It takes a lot of power to run that AC unit up on top of your home, and cooling your house to a comfortable 78 degrees or so when the outside temperatures can range from the 90s to the 100s (depending upon where you live, of course) can cost you a pretty penny. To avoid having your summer electric bills give you a premature heat stroke, there are some guidelines you can follow.

Don’t Turn on the AC Until it is Absolutely Necessary

Exactly when this is depends on your own comfort level and the climate in which you live. People in the desert environments of Phoenix and Las Vegas are running their AC as early as March and April, while those on the East Coast may be able to wait until July. Swamp coolers and fans use much less electricity, so rely on those until you can’t take the heat any longer.

Keep Those Filters Clean

A badly soiled AC filter will cause the unit to work overtime trying to cool your home. Filters should be checked every thirty days and replaced if necessary. Buying an eighty-nine cent filter can save you plenty on the electric bill, so do it when you need to and don’t put it off.

Turn That Thing Off!

If you’re leaving the house for more than an hour, turn the AC off. There’s no sense in cooling the house when no one is home. Additionally, it’s much cooler at night in most places, so turn it off after dark as well. Use a fan if it’s uncomfortable trying to sleep without the cold air.


Before it’s necessary to turn the AC on, check to make sure that all your windows close properly and there are no places where the air you cool can escape your home. Check the weather-stripping on doors and windows as well. When you do turn on the AC, make sure no one has a window open.

Employing these simple steps can help you stay cool in the summer while avoiding getting heated up about the price of your power bill.



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