Smart Shoppers Use the Web and Save Big

Sometimes a little comparison shopping via the internet is just the thing to find a better price.

My friend has a child who was asking for a video game for his birthday. The child wanted an interesting phenomenon called Dance Dance Revolution. Players dance to music and score points performing increasingly difficult step combinations on a plastic dance pad that replaces handheld game controllers.

Several medical authorities have It may be in an American’s blood to consume (we are consumers, after all), but that doesn’t mean we have to overpay for the creature comforts that we purchase. commented on the game for its aerobic workout qualities and the web site offers testimonials of people who have lost weight playing the game. Because my friend’s son is a bit overweight, he was excited that the child was interested. He went to the local Best Buy to pick up his son’s present. Here’s what he found.

• DDR Max video game: $49.95
• Plastic dance pad $29.95
• Playstation2 game system $149.95

Needless to say, my friend was not prepared to spend over two hundred dollars on the present. He started looking online to see if there was any kind of deal available on the game. He found one; an Ebay listing offering the DDR game, two dance pads (so two people can play at once), and a PS2 system. My friend won the auction and got the whole shebang for about a hundred and twenty dollars.

This case is an extreme example and my friend purchased used goods, but it illustrates a point; buying online can save you money. Whether you’re looking for a video game or a pair of imported castanet’s, you can bet there’s a website somewhere out there that is willing to sell it to you at a considerable savings over what you’d pay in a traditional store.

Buying online sends shivers of fear through some people’s bodies, and with good reason. Transmitting credit card numbers and home addresses can be a risky prospect. It is much safer today than it was years ago, however, and as long as you make sure you’re buying from a secure site (look for a .shtml in the order page’s URL (viewable in your browser’s address bar) and a padlock icon in Internet Explorer’s lower right corner and you can be fairly sure you’re ok.



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