Shave and a Haircut; Two Bits…. Not in Today’s Salons!

People have a bizarre love affair going on with their hair. They love to style it, comb it, brush it lovingly, and baby it with all sorts of creams, herbal shampoos, and special conditioners. If just one gets loose and turns up in the potato salad, they tend to freak out, but generally people love their hair. This has got to be why they spend so much money on it.

In those long gone by days of the seventies an interesting phenomenon took place. Barber shops started to die. One by one they slowly disappeared, as if they were the last of the dinosaurs fighting against the radioactive effects of the giant meteorite that did their species in. In their places sprung thousands of unisex salons. The replacement of barber shops by salons ushered in a new era of hair styling and a new era of overpriced hair care. Before long, people thought nothing of spending thirty and forty dollars for a haircut that once cost four or five.

Fortunately it’s easier to save money today on this form of personal grooming. Discount haircutters are everywhere, offering haircuts for about ten dollars. They also offer lower costs on styling, coloring, perms, and other such services.

More money can be saved on hair styling by simply doing it at home. While it may not be a good idea to cut your own hair, if you wear you hair in a short military style cut, a family member can do it with a set of clippers. These can be purchased for about thirty dollars. Buy them once and you’ll never pay for another haircut.

Hair color treatments can also be performed at home for a lot less than it costs in the salon. Buying an over the counter hair dye and doing the job yourself will cost you about ten dollars. Having it done in a salon can cost as much as a hundred. Obviously that’s a serious difference.

With a little careful shopping for a salon, a bit of willingness to do it yourself when you can, and the understanding that it’s just hair (whatever happens to it, it will grow back – ya big sissy), you can save money on your hair care and let the follicular love affair continue unabated. Also, should worse come to worse, there’s always Hilda’s House of Human Hair Wigs.



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