Money market accounts can earn you good dividends

In comparison to the checking account rates, the money market does offer better returns. The investor can attain effective interest earnings as well as indulge in active and profitable cash management. There are several banking institutions that can be resorted to in this aspect. The APY percentage for the savings account is 2.30% and the interest rates are 2.27% in the Valley Community Bank. In Choice Financial, the APY percentage is 2.26% in their RateBuilder Savings. The given APY percentage is for one month introductory rate and then the rates revert to the usual rate tiers. The investor is not allowed to make than over six withdrawals or transfers each month.

For the Georgia residents, there is the Darby Direct. The savings account in this bank offers 2.25% on their high yield online savings account. Then, there is the Quantum National Bank that offers 2.00% interest rate on their money market accounts and an APY percentage of 2.02%. This allows the investor earn as much as $100,000 as an APY. In the UFB Direct, the interest rate for the savings account is 1.98% and the APY percentage is 2.00%. This is a US Savings account where the investor is allowed to make six pre-authorized transfers for each cycle period. One can also access this account with his ATM card. You can get to know about the rates from the UFB Direct website. //



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