Lots of Little Ways to Save Big

When managing our finances and trying to save money, there are a lot of small ways to save here and there that can amount to a huge savings at the end of the year. Listed below are a number of ways to save a few dollars that may not seem like much individually, but can result in big money when added together.

Inkjet Printer Ink

The price for this stuff is insane. When the revolution comes, the CEOs of Epson and Lexmark may be the first against the wall because of the scam they’ve perpetrated. If you own an inkjet printer you may have noticed that the brand name ink cartridge refills can cost anywhere from thirty to sixty dollars. When you can buy a low end printer (which comes with at least one cartridge included usually) for less than the ink refill, there’s a problem. Save on these by buying off-brand cartridges or ink refill kits.

CDR and DVDR Media

Here’s another item that people spend too much money on needlessly. Recording media giants Memorex, Fuji, and TDK sell, for example, packages of CDR discs in groups of ten for about $8.00 -$12.00, depending where you buy them. Why does anyone pay that when packages of fifty discs in an off-brand can be had for the same price? CDR discs don’t work like the cassette tapes of the ‘80s when there was a discernable difference between Memorex and some run of the mill brand of recording tape. These are literally the same thing and whether you’re burning music or data, you won’t know the difference.

Video Games

The average video game player is between the ages of 18 and 35, yet most people still see video games as the domain of children. As such many parents do buy video game systems for their kids. If this is the case in your home, is there any reason that little Bobby has to have the newest games right when they’re released? If you wait a few months, those “hot titles” will start appearing on the shelves of the used game stores. A year after their released, many become “greatest hits” titles and are sold for less than half of their original price. Let Johnny wait six months or so to start playing Grand Theft Mortal Spill Your Guts on the Streets of LA or whatever game he just wants to get his hands on. Or, better yet, buy him books instead.



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