How To Save Money On Kids’ Birth Day Parties

Birthday celebrations can be an important part of childhood. A birthday party makes a child feel special. It’s a day just for her with friends and family gathered together to celebrate in her honor and give her presents. There’s cake and ice cream and sometimes a cookout with merriment and amusement for all.

It can be very expensive.

If you’re living on a budget, a child’s birthday can be a stressful time. As parents we want to give our children that special feeling, that sense of importance that comes with a day that is all about and for them, but how do we pay for it? You can try telling your child that the family is converting and becoming Jehovah’s Witnesses (In the Jehovah’s Witness sect, birthdays and holidays are not celebrated) every year, but by the time they’re twelve or so, they’ll probably catch on that the family only starts attending Kingdom Hall services a few weeks before their birthdays each year. You could also tell the child she was left on the doorstep and so you have no idea when her birthday is, but this will probably cost you more in child therapy bills in the long run.

Instead of resorting to psychologically damaging mistruths and religious conversions, there are a few things you can do to celebrate your child’s birthday on a budget.

• Bake and decorate the cake yourself instead of buying one. Your child may want a cake with Sponge Bob painted in icing on the top, but one from Betty Crocker or made from scratch is just as tasty.
• Keep party favors to a minimum or don’t supply them at all. There is no law that says every kid has to get a bag of plastic toys and candy.
• Don’t even think about hiring entertainment. The kids will have just as much fun going nuts in the backyard or “helping” your child enjoy her new presents.
• No cook outs. The birthday party bill goes up considerably when you’re supplying hot dogs and hamburgers to everyone in attendance.
• Buy reasonably priced presents and keep the number down. You don’t have to shower your child with expensive toys on her birthday.

By following these simple steps, you can save money on your child’s birthday celebration and still make her feel special. And you won’t need to change religions.



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