How To Save General money-Here Are The Ideas

Comparison Shopping

Years ago, comparison-shopping was nothing short of a royal pain in the patootie. Comparing prices involved driving from store to store or making repeated phone calls to different retailers in an effort to find the best price. Thankfully, those days are long gone. Thanks to the advent of the Internet, comparison-shopping now involves a few clicks and can be completed in moments. It’s never been easier to shop around for literally anything from auto insurance to zither strings. Isn’t technology wonderful?

Grocery Shopping

There are lots of little tricks that will save you money at the grocery store. Clipping coupons can work, as can choosing store brands or generics over name brand items. Planning your shopping trips ahead of time and sticking to your list can also save money. Stock up on items when they’re on sale and avoid impulse purchases. Put down that copy of People right now. Do you really need to know if it’s splittsville for Nick and Jessica?

Auto Insurance

The car insurance business has changed dramatically in recent years. With every state making insurance a requirement and the Internet making it easy to shop around and get quotes in seconds, there is no reason for anyone to pay more than she should for automobile insurance.


Buying clothing can get very expensive. Save money in this department by avoiding designer labels, shopping at discount clothiers, and choosing a few simple items that you can mix and match to create multiple outfits and ensembles.

Shoes may be one item that you don’t want to cut back on. It’s probably better to buy one good pair of $50-$80 shoes than to buy several pairs of $20 shoes over the course of the year because they wear out.

Internet Service

If you’ve not yet jumped on the “broad bandwagon” by choosing a cable, DSL, or satellite Internet service, don’t. Unless you need it for business, there’s no reason to have high-speed access if you’re trying to save money. The difference between broadband and dial-up access is like night and day, but so is the cost. Most broadband providers charge upwards of thirty dollars per month while dial-up access can be had for about ten. You do the math, even if it takes a while to upload the answers.

By assessing your personal situation and the things that you spend money on, you can undoubtedly find additional ways to cut corners, curtail your spending, and save even more money.



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