High Holiday Costs Can be Scary – Saving Money at Halloween

Kids love Halloween. Some adults do too, but Halloween is one of those holidays that is all about the kids. It’s fun to get free bags full of candy and junk food, and its fun to dress up in a scary costume and roam the neighborhood at night, or just hide behind a tree in the front yard and leap out to scare the smaller kids. Like many holidays, however, it can cause a real drain on your finances if you’re not careful about how you spend for the celebrating.

Ghosts & Goblins on a Budget

The kids may want a store-bought costume for Halloween. They may beg for one. After all, you’re just not cool if you’re not dressed in a “real” Sponge Bob or Darth Vader costume. The costs of these items can be simply insane. You’re far better off making costumes at home. If you’re good at sewing, making a costume can be a fun project and the costume can probably be used several times. If you’re not a seamstress, a home made costume is still a possibility. Old clothes can be smeared with dirt and fake blood to make a gruesome zombie outfit.

Vampire blood can be made with some corn syrup and red food coloring (don’t be fooled, that’s what’s in the tubes of the stuff you buy at the store, and it’s basically what Hollywood make-up effects artists like Tom Savini use in movies like Dawn of the Dead.)

When it comes to candy, this is not something that you can make at home. Homemade treats handed out to trick-or-treaters are always suspicious. There’s no sense in working to make candied apples or cookies just to have them thrown away by concerned parents and not enjoyed by the children. There’s no reason to spend a pile of money on a pile of candy. In the grocery store, next to the bags of Hershey bars and Kit Kats, you’ll find larger bags of treats like Sweet Tarts, Smarties, and bubble gum for much less. If you must buy candy for the trick-or-treaters, buy those. Sadly, fewer kids trick-or-treat each year, because of the dangers in our world. Eventually buying candy for them won’t be necessary at all.

With a little careful spending, you and your family can enjoy the festivities of Halloween without a frightening effect on your bank account.



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