Check out your CDs carefully to ascertain safe investment

It is important to ensure that your investment is in safe hands, if your objective is to save your capital. The investors are often found to invest in a CD or Certificates of Deposits, with a bank that offers a higher rate of interest in comparison to a regular savings account. As an investor purchases a CD, a certain sum of money for a particular period of time gets invested with the bank. The investor then receives a periodic payment of interests on his invested amount. Post maturity, the investor can withdraw his deposit amount along with the interest that it has already accrued. But, if he goes for early withdrawal, a certain percentage of the interest gets deducted as an ‘early withdrawal penalty’.

Apart from the banks, the brokerage firms or the deposit brokers also offer CDs, nowadays. The investor stands to receive a pretty higher rate of interest from these brokerage firms. There are wide arrays of CDs to choose from and it is important to understand the whole of the terms and conditions before indulging completely in the CDs. The issuer needs to be identified if you are going for a brokered CD, the maturity date of the CD is also important. If it is a callable CD, you need to access the call features with great concentration as well. These are simple and obvious factors that are oft ignored or overlooked.



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