A Vegas Vacation On A Budget

Countless books and internet sites exist to try and help people plan getaways to exotic locations and vacation hot spots for less money. A trip to Vegas for someone concerned with saving money, since it is a town built upon lost money, shattered dreams, and the decomposing bones of those who tried to beat the system back when the casinos were owned by East Coast “interests” who had first names like “Lucky,” “Rocco,’ and “Fat Louie.” There’s much more to Las Vegas than gambling and adult entertainment, however, and it is quite possible to visit the city without spending a mint for hotels, food, and entertainment.

Forget the Strip for Lodging

To save money on your stay in Vegas, choose a hotel that is off the strip. The landmark resorts like the Paris, the Bellagio, the Luxor, and others are beautiful places to visit, but you don’t have to pay to stay there. There are many hotels that are a short drive from the attractions on the strip which have prices that are far lower.

Free Entertainment

Fortunately you can see many of the attractions on the strip for nothing or next to nothing. The Bellagio has an impressive water fountain show set to popular music that plays every thirty minutes. Treasure Island puts on an interesting Pirates of the Caribbean style battle between ships, and Siegfried & Roy’s white tigers are often on display at the entrance to The Mirage. There is no cost for any of these attractions.

The City of Las Vegas saw the casinos in the older part of town suffering heavy losses due to the popularity of the resorts along the “new” strip and responded by building a fabulous multimedia display along Freemont Street, home to some of the older landmark casinos in town. Called The Freemont Street Experience, the presentation is a marvel of sight and sound displayed on an arced canopy that runs for about half a mile along Freemont Street. Shows run every hour after dark and there is no charge.

Although The Freemont Street Experience was designed to attract people into the casinos, the bazaar atmosphere in the area outside is appropriate for all ages. It’s definitely something that visitors to Vegas should experience before going home.

Believe it or not, it is possible to visit Las Vegas and have a good time without dropping ungodly amounts of money in the casinos or gambling at all. You can bet on it.



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