4 Taxi Drivers Who Went on to Become Millionaires


The inspiring stories of rags to riches have grown in numbers over the years, but how many times do you hear of a taxi driver moving on from his lowly job to become a millionaire? Here are five of the world’s millionaires who were taxi drivers before their luck changed.

4. Harry Triguboff

Australian resident Harry Triguboff was born to Russian parents who had to flee China during the ascendancy of Lenin. They arrived in Australia in 1947 and he attended Scotts College in Sydney. He later traveled to South Africa and Israel where he worked in the textile industry then returned to Australia in 1960 where he struggled for a while. He worked as a real-estate agent, milkman and taxi driver before he stuck luck as a housing developer. His first project was an 18-unit apartment on a block of land that he had bought. Since then, he has never looked back. His net wealth in 2011 stood at an estimation of more than $4 billion.




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