Will the Immigration Bill heat up the proceedings in the Congress?

Senator Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) who is the chairman of the Immigration Subcommittee of the senate is expected to bring in a bill which aims at introducing new reforms in the existing immigration laws of the land. It is also expected that President Barack Obama will be supporting the efforts of the senator, as he has been trying to ensure that the illegal immigration is reduced to as much as possible.

The immigration bill is expected to heat up the autumn sitting of the Congress and is also expected to bring forth many unexpected truths about the whole immigration policy of the country.

Off late, the Obama administration has been trying to ensure that the inflow of the unskilled illegal immigrants be effectively controlled and replaced by a planned inflow of skilled legal immigrants. The immigration reforms bill intends to do exactly that. But, the details of the bill are not yet available in the public domain.

President Obama and Senator Schumer might find this prospect as a pretty difficult one to get through. The bill is slated to face a lot of opposition, as there is a strong lobby of the immigrants of various countries, especially those from the Asian countries. It is to be seen how the Senator and the President plan their moves and ensure that the immigration bill sails through the Congress as quickly as possible.



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