US Visa For Immigrant Nurses

Here’s good news for those who are in the noble profession of nursing and looking after of suffering, ailing humanity. Recently it has been reported that there is a huge growth in the demand for efficient nurses in the United States. If you are in this profession, then consider packing your bag for destination USA.

The US hospitals badly require at least 116,000 registered nurses. At the same time, the nursing homes of United States too are looking for a bulk number of nurses- nearly 100, 000 in exact figure. It is assumed that countries like India, China or Philippines with an abundance of good, efficient and caring nurses would respond to this situation quite well. The situation seems to be a lucrative one for the qualified nurses belonging to these places.

Every year thousands of qualified immigrant nurses with good track record are being recruited by the leading hospitals and nursing homes of the United States. There are even many health care providers who are ready to help the immigrant nurses to get permanent resident status or the visa.

A few days back it was a bit tough to get visa for immigrant nurses or for anyone who tried to make an entry into the United Sates. Presently the situation has improved with the introduction of new W-Visa. The new non- immigrant W- Visa is issued out to nurses with an annual cap of 50,000. With the launch of this visa it would be easier for deserving nurses to avail the opportunity that beckons them.



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