Us Green Card Lottery- Your Passport To Dreamland

If you are too keen to make a swift immigration to America and you do not wish to let anything come in between you and your dream, then there is positively a gleaming ray of hope for you. Green Card Lottery system will open the flood gate of prosperity for you.

To settle down into the land of dreams after you make immigration to America, the most important thing you would need is a Green Card. The Green Card Lottery system would be of immense help to you in order to pursue your dream. has taken up the responsibility of fulfilling your aspiration.

To gain advantage of this Green Card Lottery system, you would be required to fill up a few things given in the format of a form.

- First, specify why you or your spouse needs to pay a visit. Then just feed in your country of birth and your spouse’s country of birth.

-Next, you need to qualify either on the ground of education you have achieved or on the ground of work experience. You need to feed in info based on your high school education or its equivalent.

-If you have a problem with your education, then it becomes mandatory for you to produce evidence of possessing at least more than two years experience in any particular domain of work.

-Finally, submit the form to with your name and email address and thus get to know whether you qualify for the lottery system or not.

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