The New W Visas might help the nursing industry of US

America is facing shortage of nurses as there are around 116,000 vacancies for registered nurses that remain unfulfilled. About six months back, in February 2009, a new Nurse Relief Act was placed in the house in the form of HR 1001. It spoke about the introduction of the non-immigrant W Visa for those nurses who had an annual cap of 50,000. There are certain schedules with regard to labor certification. Nurses who fall under the third preference employment base are basically preferred during the immigration process. The physiotherapists and nurses under the Schedule A do not need labor certification.

According to the H-3 non-immigrant Visa, one can temporarily stay in the US for traineeship. If the industry desires to employ an immigrant for a senior level nurse, it may not be now easy to obtain an H-1B visa. For specific cases, nurses can immigrate to USA following the exchange visitor scheme, better known as J-1.

All these actions are taking place keeping in mind the extreme shortage of nurses in the American healthcare industry. Immigrants, who desire to work in US hail from countries having an oversupply of nurses, like India, Philippines and China. It would be interesting to note that under the prevalent immigration system, the major hospitals in America are spending hundreds and millions of dollars each year for the recruitment of foreign nurses.



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