The Mexicans are most eager people to migrate to America

In a recent study conducted by La Opinion, one out of every three Mexicans was found to be interested in migrating to the United States of America. They said they were in constant search for an appropriate opportunity. They also candidly observed that they were prepared to fulfill their desires without caring much for the authorization and the documentation formalities. In this regard, we can take note of another study conducted by the Pew Global Attitudes Project, it was discovered that majority of its respondents were of the generalized opinion that Mexico is infested with crime, drug trafficking, corruption and an unassailable economic crises. This further strengthened their desire to venture to the US. They basically wanted to flee from the constraints of their country. It has evolved as a sort of dangerous belief that life in the US is far better in comparison to Mexico.

This reveals that majority of the population is in fact headed towards the wrong direction, given the reality, that this would render a considerable impact on the demography of the two nations. But then, as you glance through the immigration statistics of America, you can observe that there has been a marked decline in the flow of the Mexican immigrants in the recent months. This can be attributed to the sorry state of economic affairs or the financial downturn.



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