The extended filing period for the H-2B visa program widely applauded

The filing period for the H-2B visa shall be reopened by the USCIS for the current fiscal year 2009. This H-2B visa is of great help for those foreign workers who visit the US in order to work in a non-agricultural position at a temporary status. This of course, occurs when a US employer sponsors them. In order to avail of this opportunity, the immigrants would require some amount of cooperation from the US employers too. They need to express that there is a prevalent dearth of work force in the US, which makes the hiring of foreign labor essential. The occupational sectors like education, construction; healthcare, manufacturing, food service/processing, resort/hospitality and landscaping require the most immigrant talents. The US employers are simply required to file an application for temporary labor certification to the US Department of Homeland Security that they would like to sponsor a foreign worker.


If the petition for the H-2B visa gets approved by the USCIS, the immigrants also have the option to apply for the H-2B visa from his nearest US consulate. This will allow the immigrant worker to enter the US and work for his employer.


The filing period for the H-2B was terminated by January, 2009 but, the Department of State had issued just 40,640 H-2B visas and about 25,000 visas were left unissued. However, the H-2B visa petitions ought to be completed before the end of September 2009. This process can be completed through the premium processing.



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