Obama, A New Ray of Hope for immigrants

The newly elected president of the United States, Mr. Barrack Obama seems to have dawned a new era of hope and aspirations for those who have a foreign origin and are residing, eking out their livelihood in USA.

There is an unbelievable amount of illegal immigrants in the United States who have been living in the country without valid identity. In the presidential election of Mr. Barrack Obama, a huge number of this community has opened the floodgates of vote bank and poured in votes in favor of Mr. Obama profusely. It is figured that there is around 12 million of this community who are eyeing to be a part of the country in the legal process.

Under such circumstances, the emergence of Mr. Obama is truly meaningful.  Though America is facing some rigorous economic turmoil presently including a record breaking growth in unemployment, Mr. Obama comes with a promise that he would do everything that he is liable to do in his capacity as a president.

Some eminent personalities also pin hope on Mr. Obama to get some fruitful result for the present situation. Board president of the Illinois coalition for immigrants and refugee rights Mr. Juan Salgado is quite hopeful that Mr. Barrack Obama will never disrespect or shatter the extreme amount of hope and trust that has been laid upon him. May be, the strongest reason is his owing origin to someone who himself happened to be an illegal immigrant in the United States.



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