Immigration disapproval hurts the American Apparel

The Los Angeles factory of the prestigious American Apparel had to bear the brunt of laying off around 1,500 workers as they were immigrants who did not have the permit to work in America. In early 2008, the ICE had already completed an extensive inspection to determine whether the American Apparel was actually complying with the stated immigration laws of the land. In July 2009, ICE issued a notification to American Apparel stating that the agency failed to verify the employment eligibility of around two hundred of the organization’s employees. The ICE had basically conducted an extensive review of the databases of the government and discovered that over 1,600 of the American Apparel employees were actually not authorized to work in America.

This is an important development and surprising too. It is due to the fact that American Apparel had earned the reputation of advocating strongly for the immigration reforms. They run a ‘Legalize LA’ campaign that has evolved as an exquisite part of the culture of the company. The resources at the website of the American Apparel that deal with advertising and education reflects the commitment of the company towards raising the awareness with regard to immigration issues. The CEO of the company, Dov Charney could not hide his disappointment at the loss of such a huge chunk of employees. His grandparents had been immigrants to this land.



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