All immigrants are now required to go through E-Verification

From the second week of September 2009, all the immigrants working in the USA are required to follow the specifications of E-Verify. This electronic system is administered by the US Department of Homeland Security. It has been made mandatory for all federal government contractors to check the eligibility of the immigrant employee through this screening mechanism. All the newly-hired immigrant employees along with the current ones are subject to this rule and the companies that have attained a new contract, are required to enroll in E-Verify within a month of the stipulated contract award date.

The newly-hired immigrant employees are required to present their information in the Employment Eligibility Verification Form or the Form I-9. This is then keyed in to the E-Verify Website. Here, this information is run against the DHS and SSA databases. If a match is found with regard to these databases, the said immigrant is declared eligible to work in the United States. If the information keyed in is not found to be in alignment with the databases, the employee is allowed to get in touch with the federal agency in order to counter the mismatch and present the required verification data. There are ample scopes for improvement in the manner in which these databases work. The USCIS reveals that there are around 550,000 worksites to aid over 145,000 employers in this E-Verify Program.



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