T.Boone Pickens – The Inscrutable Billionaire in the Energy Sector

The name of Mr. T.Boone Pickens claims a standing ovation from all and sundry. In the category of the millionaires in America, he occupies a deserving place, as the legendary figure in the Texas Oil And Gas Company. He is from a family where his father was engaged in leasing rights as an oil and mineral land man and his mother was running a price administration. Since childhood he aspired to achieve success beyond limits.

This immigrant millionaire was born in May 22, 1928 at the place called Holdenville. T. Boone. Pickens had a few crucifying ups and downs in his life still because of his undaunted spirit of a warrior he made it to the top.

He has never got down in front of challenges. Out of his sheer will to taste success he is to day one of the leading entrepreneurs in America.

He is a businessman, an inventor and a man of vision. This great financier is behind the huge fund of BP Capital Management. Out of perseverance and steadfastness of his indomitable persona he has scaled the extreme heights of success in a very limited period of time and now the visionary boasts of being the owner of the largest independent oil company in the United States. He deserves to be an idol for the youth so that his inspiring life can enlighten lives.



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