Paul Anka – The Music Maestro Who Walked To The Elite Club Of Millionaires

Paul Anka is one of the most notable immigrants of Syrian origin whose immigration to America, will always be remembered in this land of opportunities. This famous immigrant bearing a Syrian/ Lebanese origin has been immensely successful in the field of Performing Arts.

Paul Albert Anka was born in the year 1941, 30th July, in Ottawa, Ontario in Canada. The famed man is revered all over the world as a singer, song writer and an actor of high order.

After making his long aspirated dream of USA immigration successful, Paul Anka witnessed the sweet taste of success. With his first single “I Confess”, at the age of 14, he became a teen idol of the 50’s and 60’s. ‘Diana’, the successful rendering out of his hit parade, is still regarded as one of the best selling hits.

Apart from ‘Diana’ a few others like ‘Lonely Boy’ or ‘Put Your Head On My Shoulder’ took him to the zenith of success. Close to the heels of his singing career he started composing music. One of the most memorable was obviously ‘She’s A Lady’, which was the greatest hit.

Other well known lyrics written by him were “My Way” for Frank Sinatra and the theme song for ‘The Tonight Show’, which starred Johnny Carson.

Paul Anka started acting in movies and wrote songs for them from the 60’s, of which the notable is the theme song for the hit movie “The Longest Day”. In 1990 this Canadian immigrant became a US Citizen.



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