Michael Cudahy – The Pioneer Millionaire In the Meat Packing Industry

Michael Cudahy is an immensely inspiring name in the history of Irish people who have had to made immigration to America. The name of Mr. Michael Cudahy deserves a great place of significance because he started really low but could manage to make it really big.

Michael Cudahy was born in County Kilkenny, Ireland in the year 1841. It was in 1849 when he had to immigrate to the United States along with his family.

After coming to United States, they settled in Milwaukee, situated in the confluence where Menomonee and Kinnickinnic rivers merge into Milwaukee Bay. This place was a natural preference to many Irish immigrants who escaped from the shackles of autocratic rules. Cudahy was admitted to a local school over there.

After completing his study at school, Michael managed to get a job of a meat packer in that place. After being in this job for quite some time, he decided to go for a change.

With the aim of getting self employed, Michael along with his brother John Cudahy and friend Philip Armour kicked off his own business. He started meat – packing business in Omaha, Nebraska. His profit level was estimated to reach the sky.

In 1870 he pioneered the process of summer curing under refrigeration. It was a revolution in the industry. Cudahy breathed his last in 1910.



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