The Land of Immigrant Billionaires

Andrew Carnegie

America is widely regarded as the land of opportunity, and so it has been and continues to be for many immigrants. Becoming a millionaire is no small fete, and does not happen overnight, unless of course someone wins the lottery. Many immigrants left their homelands in search of a better life, and after much hard work and dedication, struck gold in the US.

Forbes list of 400 Richest Americans  consist of a healthy mix of US born, and immigrant millionaires. New York City’s Mayor, Mike Bloomberg, who is himself a millionaire, recently paid tribute the millions of immigrants who en route to the country passed by the Statue of Liberty. That icon has been a true representation of the freedom that many immigrants have experienced since they came to America. As Bloomberg indicate during his tribute, many of his fellow millionaires came to the U.S.A armed with nothing but their energy, creativity and fierce ambition.

The Common Factor

One common factor that propels immigrants to attain the status of a millionaire is their drive. These people are usually from poor countries that have a strong class system. Millionaire Igor Olenioff attributes his success to factors such as his earlier years that were spent in Iran where his Russian family had fled following the 1917 Revolution, that country’s strong class system, and his status as an immigrant in America. These three factors, he believes, is strongly connected to one’s drive to search for opportunities and to succeed.

Olenioff is a Californian real estate tycoon, and he opines that the crappy attitude toward life and hard work in the western world makes it hard to instill in their children the sort of values people like him were exposed to as children. He explains that in Iran, they would have never have had the opportunity to excel and achieve wealth. That was for him, a deep contrast to the many opportunities and abundant credits that he found when he got to America.

The Profound Contributions Immigrant Billionaire to the American Society

The US can attribute much of its technological success to the savvy skills, hard work and perseverance of many within its immigrant population. Google’s founder, Sergey Brin, immigrated with his family from Moscow in 1979. The partnership between himself and American computer scientist Larry Page led to the founding of today’s most dominant internet company and search engine.

Another immigrant, Iranian born Omid Kordestani also played a huge role in the success of the internet giant, Google. He is regarded as the “business founder” as he is responsible for turning the Google brand into what it is today, a mainstream verb.

Google’s closest rival, Yahoo, is also the brainchild of another immigrant, Taiwan born Jerry Yang who is a co-founder. Yang moved to the US in 1978 with his mother and brother when he was just 10 years old. All of these immigrant millionaires entered the US, grasped the opportunities, and created businesses that are responsible for hiring thousands of American’s, and even making it possible for people all over the world to connect and do business online.



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