Kurtis Mantronik- The Hip Hop King and Singer Turned Producer

Kurtis Mantrolik stands apart as a bright luminary in the history of immigrants. This famous immigrant is a living example of music madness. The career of this artiste, performer, and producer of remix and fusion music is really very amazing. His career in music production earned him fame as well as a coveted place amongst the revered sect of millionaires in the country.

Kurtis Mantronik is a popular name associated with the world of the rocking hip hop music. The origin of this great artiste lies in Jamaica. He was born in September 4, 1965. This famous immigrant settled in the New York City with his family in the year 1980.

While working as a DJ in Manhattan, he met MC Tee who changed the course of his life. The duo became lethal combo. ‘Fresh is the world’ is the debut album. When it comes to electro funk, dance, hip hop, he is a king. During his European tour, the immigrant has literally rocked the music lovers of the west, driving them to the edge of madness.

As of now Mantronik has produced a highly successful ‘remix house’, and has worked with a bevy of American celebs. Some important names are Liberty X, Mim, Michael Gray, Victoria Beckman, Kylie Minogue etc. The biggest passion of his life has opened the flood gates of huge revenue for him. He is now considered a name worth mention amongst those artistes, who have seen the seventh sky of success.



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