John Downey – The Versatile Entrepreneur With A Vision

John Downey is a luminary among the successful immigrants in America. Born in Ireland, in the year 1799, the great visionary made immigration to America in 1818. In America, he settled down in Ohio. Downey started his career as an assistant in a drug store.

A meaningful twist in his career came, when he became a part of the universally celebrated gold rush. For a short stint, Downey worked as a miner. Thereafter, the next stop in his career was Los Angeles, the second largest city in the United States. This was his first step towards success.

Over here, he came into contact with J. P. McFarland. McFarland generously funded him and Downey opened his drug store. Since then he saw Himalayan flourish. Soon he purchased a large ranch.

This prudent investment maximized his revenues with the blink of an eye. Meanwhile his involvement in the Democratic Party got him elected as the governor of California in 1861. During the Civil Wars he raised troops for the Union army. When the war ended, Downey got involved in the real estate sector.

In 1871 he created Farmers and Merchants Bank. Within a short period, his concern ‘The Downey Land Association’ started constructing houses in East Los Angeles. Later on, he became one of the founder members of the Pioneer Oil Company. He took an active role behind the creation of Los Angeles Public Library.



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