Dov Charney: The man behind American Apparel

Immigration in the United States has always been a debated issue and the house stands divided on the positives and negatives of this single phenomenon. But, the success stories of the famous immigrants have perhaps sealed the case in favor of the immigrants.

One of the most talked about successful immigrants of America is Dov Charney. He is the founder and owner of the American Apparel, the largest single garments factory in the whole of the US.

The American Apparel is a case which points out how the immigrants have contributed to the growth and development of the country. Dov at present employs more than 3,800 people in his factory and he makes it a point to greet every single employee in the morning. This is a regular practice to generate a feeling in the minds of the employees that they are the most important asset of the company. Dov is a very energetic person and he is just 37 at present. At this age, he comes across as a bundle of energy which gets readily transferred to his employees.

The American Apparel showroom is a place to be. You have some brilliant music playing and the walls are filled with youthful pictures of males and females displaying all the various products.

Dov is undoubtedly one of the successful immigrants of America and he has come down from Canada.



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