Ben Way: From a Schoolboy Millionaire to a Matured Investor

Ben Way believes that he was a nightmare child and was born in Devon, England. His father was an accountant and his mother was an artist. At nine, he was diagnosed with dyslexia. He was presented with a laptop by his father and within a very short span of time; Ben managed to learn the computer applications. It was the beginning of the computer age and Ben was already well aware of the intricacies of the machine. This offered him the directive on how to become a millionaire.

The parents of his friends wanted to learn computers and they approached him for help. Ben began to charge 10 Pounds for an hour of teaching. This was the humble beginning of a full-fledged computer consultancy business, which was slated to evolve as a millionaire game. The school students approached him for classes and his annual turnover was over 20,000 Pounds! This was a business that Ben ran for three years and at 16, he left school in order to concentrate on this business completely.

He evolved as a millionaire and greatly enjoyed being a part of all those chat shows. Ben was paid a six-figure salary by investors from New Jersey. It was total change of lifestyle for Ben, but then the Dotcom bubble frizzled out and he landed in a soup. In 2002, Ben established Rainmakers and again succeeded in re-establishing himself as a self-made millionaire. He deals with product ideas related to all kind of technology.



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