Andrew Carnegie: The ultimate steel baron of the US

When we talk about steel in America, the first name that obviously comes to our mind is the name of Andrew Carnegie. He is said to be the father of steel in America, as he single handedly created a steel industry out of nothing in the US. Andrew Carnegie was born in the country of Scotland on the 25th of November 1835. He and his family came over to America as immigrants and Andrew was just a child at that time.

Andrew is said to be one of the most successful immigrants of America, as he had built the Carnegie Steel Company based in Pittsburgh. The company was launched way back in the year 1892, after Carnegie had combined all his assets along with the assets of his friends and well-wishers in order to get the required fund for the company. In the year 1889, the steel output of US was more than that of the UK and the majority of the steel in the US came from the Carnegie Steel plant.

Later on, Andrew became a philanthropist as he retired from the day to day activity of the steel company. He had founded the Carnegie Corporation of New York, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, the Carnegie Mellon University and the Carnegie Museums of Pittsburg. Andrew Carnegie is often referred to as the second richest man in history after John D Rockefeller.



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