A success scripted in harmony

Chris Lighty owns three institutions to his name – an artist management group, record company, marketing group, all at just 39 years of age. Chris has always been interested in music and at the beginning of his career, he used to crates of records for DJ Red Alert! He set up his own group ‘Violator’ in 1990, and with the aid of some innovation marketing strategies, he was successful in connecting musicians with brands and this includes rapper 50 Cent’s ground-breaking deal with Vitamin Water. Since then, Violator housed artists like Diddy, LL Cool J and Macy Gray.

The management skills of Lighty were brought into practice from an early age when he had deal with his siblings in the Bronx Projects. Here, he cultivated a taste for hip-hop and rap of the magical 80s. As he states, “Our culture isn’t just about living in the projects; there’s so much more”. Apart from creative management and branding projects with Violator, Chris is also involved in the strategic marketing ventures with his management company, Brand Asset Group. It is joint venture with the Warner Music Group. Lighty is determined to create an overall business of entertainment. He also owns a film company in collaboration with 50 Cent and plans to devise a hip-hop reality show. Chris Lighty with his enviable millionaire profile brings to the fore one fundamental aspect, that in order to be a millionaire, one needs creative thinking apart from perseverance.



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