A story on how to ripen your profits – Chris Mittelstaedt

Here is a story on how The FruitGuys came into existence and currently earning the dividends of ripened profits. This is a business roughly worth $10 million and is owned by Chris Mittelstaedt. Chris was lucky to have been born to an entrepreneur family. His father was a pilot too and from him Chris learnt that it is always essential and beneficial if one is able to keep an eye out to note the early indications for trouble.

With the rapid surge of the online market portals, the regional fruit delivery business of The FruitGuys went for a slump. Chris incurred a personal debt of around $100,000. It was then that he realized that it was important for him to focus on the macroeconomic perspective. He restructured his business and introduced a stringent credit policy, more variations in costs and designed a national expansion. He dealt with the massive crates of produce, made the deliveries personally and today, he is enjoying the fruits of his labor.

Within a decade of its launch, The FruitGuys got engaged with the operation that involved delivery of superior quality produce to over 3,000 businesses across the nation. There is also a conscious attempt to endorse wellness in the community. It involves building athletic centers at offices, helping the low-income communities or collaborating with the farmers.

If you dream to become a millionaire, your idea of entrepreneurship should be characterized with a proper vision, something that you believe in.



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