Vijay Amritraj – A Unique Combination of Talent and Virtue

The story of the magnificent uprising of Vijay Amritraj is comparable to a sweet fairy tale. Born in Chennai, India, Vijay along with his brothers Ashoke Amritraj and Anand Amritraj were among the first bevy of fresh talents who played top- notch international tennis.

Vijay has played in Wimbledon, Australian Open, French Open and all other major international events. A staple move in his career was surely the Davis Cup in which he was the captain. He reached till the quarter final stage in two grand slams. This famous immigrant to America bagged a whopping amount of $1,331, 913 just as career prize money. Vijay has earned a substantial amount as a sports commentator as well.

Vijay’s multifaceted talent was showcased in acting too. His prowess was reflected in Hollywood films like ‘Octopussy’, ‘Star Trek 4 etc. He has remained a popular face in many TV shows of the era.

His story does not end here. Vijay has remained judge in the Miss Universe pageant, and owns a very successful multi media business. Amongst all other successful millionaires in America, Vijay is  unique. He is wealthy not only in money, but also in feelings. Vijay Amritraj has extended his hand to the destitute and defenseless around the world through ‘The Vijay Amritraj Foundation.’

Vijay’s profile of indomitable desire to succeed under any kind of circumstances kindles the fire of inspiration to move on, and achieve the target at any cost.



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