Sanjay Mishra- The Musical Millionaire

Sanjay Mishra is a highly successful musical personality in the international arena. His music is adjudged as masterpiece in many countries. He is an American guitarist and music composer who owes his origin to India.

Sanjay was born and brought up in Kolkata. The music maestro was born in 1957 on December 8. Since his early childhood he had an insatiable urge and passion for music. Owing to this deep rooted instinct for music mania he had to immigrate to America.

He was admitted to the famous Peabody Conservatory of Music, John Hopkins University in 1985. Soon after graduation, he started performing independently. Soon people started liking his program, as his compositions were versatile. It was a perfect combination of jam, guitar, fusion, classical and contemporary. The financial gains out of the programs started seeing his growth as a musician

His musical career started touching zenith with big budget Hollywood as well as international films. He has rendered his unforgettable scores in the French film called – Port Djema. It has been awarded with the ‘Best original score’ honor at the Hampton Film Festival. Films like – Dream, Trusty – Good bye Dr. Fate etc. also bear his valuable renditions.

He has done wonderful music compilation in a French project ‘Deep Orient.’ His other works include –The Crossing, Blue Incantation, Rescue, Chateau Benares etc.

This immeasurable quality of his work not only earned him a prestigious award like –Golden Bear but gave him a hall of fame amongst the wealthiest persons among the country.



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