Roisin Isaac – A Saga of Astonishing Upliftment

When we are sharing our views about the most successful immigrant millionaires in America, the discussion would remain pitiably incomplete without a proper focus on the nurse turned entrepreneur, Roisin Isaac. The amazing personality scaled the stairs of success like the make belief world of a fairy tale.

She holds the highest rank in the Spa Business Association. After successfully passing out of the prestigious Henley Management College, Roisin took up the profession of nursing for some time. Later on the momentous and optimal rise in her career led her to the post of the Director of Health Connections. She also holds shares in the organization, and is an inseparable name associated with health, wellness and fitness.

To her credit, Roisin Isaac owns an accumulated wealth around $15 million. Of late she has been much in news for her remark on redistributing her immense wealth. She had chosen 3 charity organizations where she would bestow a gross total of $40, 000.

Recently she has been featured on the very popular show ‘The Secret Millionaire’ as a wonder who earned a high status as well as million bucks for herself. Though her charitable acts have caused some kind of mixed reaction, still her entire career is a lesson to us on how much we could actually achieve if we really strive pensively for our goals.



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