Ramit Sethi- The Author With Million Dollar Ideas

Ramit Sethi is a multi talented, versatile immigrant to America with Indian origin who made it really big in America. This gifted immigrant to America is no less than a living legend in terms of making his strong presence felt not only in America, but in the entire international arena as the writer of books, articles, blogs and news of extreme financial gains. These writings brought him the niche that he deserved, apart from gaining him a huge financial success.

Ramit Sethi’s name is best recognized with his latest book on personal financial gain, published in the year 2009. The book- I Will Teach You To Be Rich has brought out incredible thoughts of the author to his reader, that has been accredited as the bestseller by the New York Times. The spirited Youth is also the co founder of PBWiki, a high revenue earning commercial website on Wiki, which has the credit to show proper ways of growth in material terms to a thousand of visitors to the site.

Ramit Sethi has scaled a path of incredible success, within a very limited period of time, which deserves great applause. He was not born with a golden spoon. After his graduation through Stanford University, it was out of sheer intelligence, hard labor and subtle understanding of the trends in the finance market that he harnessed the glory of sky kissing success.



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