John Jacob Astor- The First Ever German Multi Millionaire in America

John Jacob Astor is reckoned as the first ever multi millionaire in the entire United States. He was born on 17th July, 1763. The great visionary is claimed to be the most significant member of the Astor family. The doyen was acclaimed to have created a stir in the business community with his most prudent moves that earned him profit beyond imagination.

John Jacob Astor thought of trying his luck in different profit making ventures. Instinctively he started dealing in fur trading, opium and real estate which was supposed to be a gold mine of profit. His idea did not go in vain, as the business deals that he made, opened the thoroughfare of fortune to him.

This German entrepreneur made immigration to America close to the heels of American Revolutionary wars. The German Immigrant settled in America and started working on building up his fur trading empire.  He chose New York as the ideal place for setting up his real estate business. Within a very short span of time he kissed fortune in this new venture as well.

When John died he was adjudged the wealthiest person in entire America. At that point of time, his estimated wealth had crossed $20 million. His immortal fame teaches us, when you truly have a flame in your heart, there is no one stopping you from achieving your goal. No matter which part of the world you are from, where ever you go, you will dominate your fortune, your destiny.



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