Igor Olenicoff – Russian real estate Tycoon

Igor Olenicoff immigrated to the United States of America when he was barely eighteen years old. He was accompanied by his family and they had just $800 in hand as they crossed over from Russia following the Russian Revolution of 1917. These immigrants were initially considered as “country-less and effectively illegals”. This was the fate of numerous others who were compelled to immigrate due to the situation of the land. It was basically the caste system that was responsible for this hostile attitude.

In America, Igor attended the USC and began to work as an executive in the Mowtown Records at the initial years of his career. Thus, began his journey towards becoming a millionaire. This was actually initiated when he decided to check out his luck at the real estate business. It was in the year 1973, that Igor laid the foundation stone of Olen Properties. It shaped up to this empire that has spread its branches across the entire continent as well as the world. The current amount of commercial space owned by Olen Properties is over 6.4 million square feet and it has around 11,800 residential units strewn across Los Angeles, Florida and Las Vegas. Igor observes that the key to his spectacular business growth is due to the timely and adequate credit availability that allows the immigrants to live their dreams.



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